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mark.p, Jul 21, 5:05pm
Don't you have one of those transdymentional ports Dave?

nice_lady, Jul 21, 5:14pm
Dave's got EveryThing !
And more - but the only problem is finding it inside the Tardis.
Come to think of it - has anyone actually SIGHTED Dave of recent ?
Perhaps he can still post on the MB but is he really still "here" or .

mark.p, Jul 21, 5:51pm
If he keeps on the bourbon he could be anywhere.

nice_lady, Oct 10, 10:42pm
I believe he takes a can with him into the Tardis - Just in Case - as you might imagine. After all it could be considerable time before he can find his way out again. Even though he's more familiar with the innards of the Tardis than anyone else it's still a bit of a gamble going in there. Of course Dave also leaves a couple of cans on the 'outside' so his internal radar will home in on them and assist him to find his way back !

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