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urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 2:54pm
my sister has purchased this for her new laptop yesterday & has been recommended that she return it as it is not suitable for her. It is unopened & she has been told by Harvey Norman today that she has to get the refund via the trend 30 day money back . doesn't sound right to me, as it was Harvey Norman that sold it

black-heart, Jul 18, 3:40pm
Chainstore wont accept a return. big surprise!

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 3:41pm
another question please.
is ms works 2007 or 2010 compatible with windows10, and if a copy has been on another computer, can it be put onto another?

nice_lady, Jul 18, 3:58pm
If it's unopened software I'd say she has every right to demand a refund from HN's.

OH and btw, win10 has an inbuilt, FREE, already installed antivirus.
Office ? Yeah even office 2003 is compatible with win10.
Just install it and if it doesn't activate ring microsoft and tell them it's been removed from the other computer.

mark.p, Jul 18, 4:09pm
MS Works should run fine on Windows 10. Just install it from your media. There are a couple of free Office Suites available Libre Office and WPS Office.

Wrt Trend. The purchaser has every right to return it from where she bought it. Mention the CG Act.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 4:20pm
sister was told by her book keeper that it wasn't compatible with her systems, have decided that at least they let her return the works subscription which was unwanted for the same reason. and yes it was a case of buying shit that wasn't needed but not knowing until you get home.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 4:22pm
I know but Harvey Norman are telling people that it's not very good.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 4:24pm
Better to do the research prior to purchase. So many folk get suckered into buying sh*t they don't need. Hope she Didnt get an extended warranty also!

mark.p, Jul 18, 4:30pm
Some people just like to have an extra layer of software for AV/Malware scans for their windows systems.

king1, Jul 18, 4:39pm
knowing HN it was probably something ridiculous like a 10 user pack of trend they sold her.

mark.p, Jul 18, 4:54pm
Looks like it comes 1,2 or 6 license packs from HN

Here's Trend Micros NZ contact no. 0800 507 901 8am-8pm

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 4:58pm
yes - but I think that there weren't any cheaper. book keeper refused to put the works one on, because her computer had been taken over by Microsoft & they changed most of the pass words. she had to take it someone & was something to do with signing into a microsoft account. so will get an older version so sister can use it for letters etc.

mark.p, Jul 18, 5:01pm
Microsoft will NOT take over a computer and change the passwords.

You'd be better off using Libre Office or WPS Office instead of Works. They don't cost anything or need activation.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 5:09pm
maybe we were done - as she was sold a 6 license for one computer - was there a difference in pricing?

mark.p, Jul 18, 5:13pm
Well it should be able to be returned. She just needs to stand her ground and show the purchase reciept. Get the manager if the staff aren't co-operative.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 5:26pm
will take it back to get a 1 license - but basically the consumer guar act is not if you change your mind - even though they have given bad advice to sell the product.

mark.p, Jul 18, 5:40pm

nice_lady, Jul 18, 6:11pm
For Gods sake, between this 'bookkeeper', your sister and you it's a circus of the blind leading the blind. (Please don't be offended - this is pretty accurate). Just pay a tech for an hour to sort it out.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 6:12pm
WHY the hell would anyone even contemplate paying for a 6 liscense for ONE computer ? *Fail* lol.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 6:14pm
omg ! At this price:


it's a hell of a lot of money to spend on a one year use of an antivirus program when you already have a free one installed on the computer.

The single liscense one was $59.95 BEFORE CASHBACK
$39.95 AFTER CASHBACK - even then why buy it when you don't even need it ?

mark.p, Jul 18, 6:51pm
See #9 Built-in tool aint the end all to be all.

nice_lady, Jul 18, 7:06pm
I'm very aware of that but I doubt the OP's sister is/was. I'd bet she didnt' even know that windoze has a built in a/v - which BTW does OK.

Anyway theres excellent freeware available. And that sale from HN's was completely unnecessary and ridiculous - a 6 licence for a single computer ?

mark.p, Jul 18, 7:15pm
We don't even know what version of windows is being use.

mark.p, Jul 18, 7:43pm
Hmmm ignor that. Too much time looking at the screen.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 18, 8:34pm
because until someone mentioned it on here & I checked packet - didn't realise it was a 6 computer one

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