Any idea of an adblocker that will block

a.woodrow, Dec 25, 9:45am
the stupid full width cat ad on TM's home page? Ad block and ad block plus both just remove the entire section, which unfortunately includes the categories as well

trad, Dec 25, 9:49am
In Firefox I use Ublock Origin. It does a good job.

kateley, Dec 25, 9:50am
Sometimes these intrusive ads are an indication that you have malware on your computer. Do a scan with malwarebytes or similar

wasgonna, Dec 25, 10:32am
Ublock Origin here.

king1, Dec 25, 10:57am
ublock origin - which i just noticed doesn't block the cat ad

I used the picker in ublock and changed it to this - seems to work ok
:style(background-image: none !important;)

no dash after background and all one line

mkhan10, Dec 25, 11:00am
Adblock Plus

a.woodrow, Dec 25, 11:48am
Thanks but this is definitely a trademe christmas ad

a.woodrow, Dec 25, 11:52am
Thankyou so much, ad is gone with this filter

king1, Dec 25, 12:42pm
is it just me or is there something disturbing about the guy holding a cat head, reminds me of Kathy Griffin holding the trump head

and while i'm whinging, the unwanted Xmas gifts section is such a crock

gammelvind, Dec 25, 10:37pm

lilbubble, Mar 10, 7:12pm
changed to ublock with good results

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