Gmail not opening

omaria, Sep 2, 9:09pm
The icon looks like a little red envelope, but it wont open, any ideas anyone?

nice_lady, Sep 2, 9:14pm

omaria, Sep 2, 9:23pm
Sorry on my laptop. iPad works ok so it can?

apollo11, Sep 2, 9:44pm
Any chance it thinks it is already running? Press ctrl-alt-del and check for any instances and close them down. Or if your laptop hasn't been rebooted for a while, give that a go.

zak410, Sep 2, 10:05pm
Internet working on laptop ? else the wifi switch maybe 'off' ?

omaria, Sep 2, 10:12pm
When I do that it gives me a full screen saying
Lock. With an arrow left
Switch user
Sign out
Task manager

apollo11, Sep 2, 10:30pm
Yes, you need to click on task manager, and see if gmail is in the list. Close all instances down and retry. Sometimes applications can crash or not close properly, but the system thinks they are still running.

omaria, Sep 2, 10:39pm
That shows heaps of stuff but no gmail, how can I add it?

king1, Sep 2, 11:21pm
there isn't a 'gmail' program, it might be listed as chrome, firefox, iexplore etc though
a restart will achieve the same thing

omaria, Sep 3, 7:35am
No restarted and tried all the above but all I get when I push the Gmail icon is a blank screen :(

king1, Sep 3, 8:31am
Well we still don't know what program is opening gmail?
potentially it is a web browser like chrome, but it could be a renamed link to the windows mail app.or other email client.
if its a browser you could try creating a new shortcut for it. ie open up a browser go to and add a bookmark or favourite, and then drag that to the desktop

nice_lady, Sep 3, 9:19am
just try cliking on the following link and logging in that way. if it works set it as a favorite on your browser:

omaria, Sep 13, 12:02pm
Thanks for all the help, it worked! I am so impressed with posters in here who are so patient and helpful. Im not very clued up with this modern technology I know, But i am trying and grateful.

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