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suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 7:03pm
Haha. I like that theory.

terry012, Jun 15, 7:13pm
Well it would seem none of you has the asnwer. will just flop another ssd and be back up and running,,shouldn't have to, but trust me it wont be win10 or a paid for version

farwest, Jun 15, 7:16pm
Good. the whinge about Linux forum is over there.

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 7:16pm
I gave you several answers.

Boot into recovery, roll back the update. Or do a factory reset.

But methinks you knew that and you just like bagging Microsoft.

terry012, Jun 15, 7:20pm
Done all of that. wont allow it or it would have been done. I even know the last restore date as it was done prior to the last update, but the system cannot see it. make things hard. and like I said, micrsoft support were lost

snoopy221, Jun 15, 7:21pm
LMAO at all the damn typing errors considering there is an edit function when posting. sats in the hard drive-LOL

Capitals in dos
I will also point out that I have tried all the Dos commands

And as always ask a simple question and well where is the answer? mmm

How damn old is the hard drive?

mmkay. Well it would seem none of you has the asnwer.

Nope no as. nwer. here lol

king1, Jun 15, 7:41pm
Well if you gave Microsoft as much information as you gave us, presumably with the same ire, i'm not surprised they couldn't (or wouldn't) help you.

Have you thought about moving to linux, obviously Microsoft don't want you.

nice_lady, Jun 15, 7:46pm
That's nice. Safe mode - Reset - Startup repair - System Image recovery - Go Back to Previous Build - .

System restore sometimes has fails and that can be related to many things including your installed antivirus, jumbled file system, and other issues.

Oh and of course you could always reinstate your own most recent system image ?

But anyway you seem to be pretty fixed on saying bye bye to Microsoft. Go for it.

namtak, Jun 15, 7:47pm
Wot he said.

terry012, Jun 15, 7:49pm
Hahah actually have linux on one rig but its a desicnated computer and it never hooks to the net. top system though and has never had a problem.

rawill, Jun 15, 7:50pm
I upgraded from Win 7 to 10 with the free upgrade, HUGE mistake. During one of the updates an error occurred. Now it tries to update everyday, fails, and then undoes the update. The whole process takes about 4 hours. The only way I can fix it is to re install a new version of 10, or maybe I will dual boot from Linux Mint.

I now have a couple of computers running on Mint, including this little Acer Aspire One Zg5.

nice_lady, Jun 15, 7:50pm
Gee I wish I had one of those.

snoopy221, Jun 15, 7:50pm
Damn . 1! KINKY!

a desicnated computer

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 7:54pm
It happens. As I said, it's impossible for software that's designed to work on such a massive range of hardware combinations to upgrade perfectly every time. Especially when you have third party software in the mix that can cause compatibility problems.

The easiest way to do a major OS upgrade (like W7 to W10) is to do a reset and clean install. Extremely unlikely to have any issues that way.

In saying all that, I've never had a problem.

terry012, Jun 15, 7:57pm
sorry about the spelling. its a rig on a printer and the graphics program is about as old as the linux version. never missed a beat so never change it.

a.woodrow, Jun 15, 8:57pm
How can you ignore the literal thousands of people who have had major problems with win10? We have 4 computers in this household, two pc's running win 7 flawlessly never any troubles. One laptop running linux mint flawlessly, the other running windows 10 (factory install). We have ongoing problems with the win10 laptop. Every update causes grief, rollbacks and several attempts to get it working right again. Parents had a laptop that ended up bricked after a win 10 update. Father in law can't get past the big april win 10 update it crashes and rolls back. Previous workplace had 2 pc's running win 10, the rest running older versions. Guess which two pc's gave us the most trouble? Luckily new workplace doesn't have any win10 computers it would do my head in.

Win10 is probably the worst product from windows I have ever seen (and I once had a laptop running vista!)

r.g.nixon, Jun 15, 9:08pm
Let me guess, you don't make image backups of your boot drive. Why not?

froggyb, Jun 15, 9:22pm
Windows is getting better and better (just like we keep winning and winning). To prove it, here are two exciting features coming up in the next Windows update:

1) Unsecure Behavior Conditioning - to prevent users from downloading potentially unsafe code, every time you try to download a non-Microsoft program (or one not owned by Microsoft marketing partners), the O$ will discourage such behavior by applying a mild electric shock of 400 Volts to you.

To make sure users don't miss out on this great feature, Windows will not work unless you have the High Voltage Applicator strapped to a body part. Just like it does not work without internet access.

2) Impure Thought Autocorrect - every time you try to write something critical of Microsoft, or of our great corporations, churches, and government - Windows will automatically replace your pathetic typing with officially approved text, and notify Experian/Palantir that you're not a good little obedient consumer. Repeat behavior will trigger the High Voltage Applicator. Just like telemetry, that feature cannot be turned off.

Good! All is for the best in the best possible world !

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 9:25pm
I don't doubt that people have issues. I explained why in my post above.

But for every thousand people that moan online about an issue, 100x more had a great experience and didn't bother to go online and tell people about it.

I've had no issues with WIndows 10 and I've used it since beta on multiple computers,, so I can only conclude that most of the time it's user error in some form.

bassmo1, Jun 15, 9:32pm
I had no issues with Win 10 until this year. I used to recommend it, not anymore. In this house with 2 appliances running it, I have my work cut out to fix the problems now.

ianab, Jun 15, 9:43pm
Biggest issue I've come across with Win10 is the long term upgrade / update process. Many machines have come from Win 7 / 8 to Win 10, WITH all the assorted OEM crapware still installed. This is old, and wasn't particularly good back then either. Some of this software seem to cause havoc with later Win10 updates.

2 things I've had success with.

If the machine still runs, go into control panel and remove most of that unwanted OEM software that Acer / HP etc loaded on there. Then try the updates again. They may just magically work.

If all else fails. Download a current Win10 setup USB drive from Microsoft. Boot of that and do a clean install. This should dump your old user profile into an "Oldwin" folder on the C drive, so you can did in there and get your files back.

I've not had a problem with any machine that's had a 'clean' Win10 install like that. But I HAVE had issues with machines that were upgraded from older version, most of which I suspect was due to old bloatware remaining in the system.

And I've got Win 10 running up multiple old crap systems. They fart around a bit when there are updates, like one is a Acer Tablet with a 1.3 Atom CPU. But they all run OK.

So last resort. Back up your stuff, and Nuke from Orbit.

kevymtnz, Jun 15, 9:45pm
im not going any further than win7 and updates well your just mad to do them

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 9:48pm
You're mad not to. Good luck running an insecure system :)

king1, Jun 15, 10:30pm
I wonder if the people who bag Microsoft and Windows constantly actually retain the service of a tech to fix these problems, or whether there is a stubborn resentment at having to spend money on something that they think they should be able to fix themselves, but cant. more of a reflection of there own inability to troubleshoot the problem.

king1, Jun 15, 10:32pm
win 7 is end of life in 18 months so good luck with that.

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