Made a mistake when filtering emails

omaria, Feb 5, 2:39pm
And now i am not receiving my e-mails and i dont know how to undo the mistake. Not even sure what i Did wrong. ITS on my iPad.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 3:17pm
Without you telling anyone HOW you get to your emails on the ipad no-ones going to be able to help. So what is the EXACT process you use to get to your emails on the ipad ?

omaria, Feb 5, 6:28pm
I click on Google and that Gives me my latest activities and i click on which usually logs me in and shows me my e-mails.

king1, Feb 5, 6:43pm
but now. ?

Explain it like we're deaf and blind and can't see what you see

omaria, Feb 6, 12:19am
no longer receive emails since I filtered some messages and blocked them. As far as all this stuff is concerned consider me deaf and blind, I have no idea but like to get my emails.

king1, Feb 6, 8:57am
you have provided absolutely no new information. probably best if you find a teenager or call a tech.

omaria, Feb 6, 9:51am
Would a spark shop be able to help?

omaria, Feb 6, 9:56am
I was receiving lots of e-mails About bitcoin, i am not interested and no amount of me trying to block them worked. Finally my daughter set a filter on the word bitcoin through my e-mails and that worked for a while. Then i started receiving them with different names and adresses. I thought i can do this now. Went into the filter system but must have somehow blocked All my incoming and outgoing mail. I Cannot Find how to undo that and my daughter is busy with overseas Guests and sightseeing. We go away thursday for 10 days and i would love to be able to email.

ceebee2, Feb 6, 10:01am
Omaria please listen to the experts.

What program do you use for actually accessing your emails?
What type of phone do you use?
Do you use an email "APP" , if so what is it called?

skin1235, Feb 6, 2:59pm
Omaria, its going to be a simple job to reconfigure the filter - but we need to know how you get your emails, (do you go to if so what browser do you use - chrome?

"I click on Google and that Gives me my latest activities and i click on which usually logs me in and shows me my e-mails." is not enough information

the filter could be in your google account, or the email account, I'd suspect more likely in the email account - and all you'll need to do is go again to google, click on the email as above, and it will display nothing, but if you fish around a little you will find your filters, get into there and delete the filters - it will then allow you all your emails, including the bitcoin ones
Then come back here and someone will walk you through how to setup a filter to exclude them - meanwhile you'll have your emails you wanted

omaria, Feb 6, 4:40am
THanks everyone. I went to the spark shop, was there for over an hour with 2 staff and they couldn't do it, so how does anyone expect me to? Anyway rang my daughter in a panic and she made a bit of time for her frustrated mother and had it fixed in 20 mins. Now I can send and receive on my Ipad but still not on my laptop. I am ok with that for now, when I get back from my trip my daughter is organising her technician to come and give me a complete overhaul. Thanks everyone for trying and your patience. I just have no technology skill Im afraid.

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