smine, Apr 22, 3:34pm
Is it just me or has Thunderbird gotten cumbersome, slow and unreliable? I prefer an email client for organising folders to the gmail offering. Thanks

vtecintegra, Apr 22, 3:36pm
There is nothing to stop you from using Gmail Labels just like folders.

peanuts37, Apr 22, 4:14pm

r.g.nixon, Apr 22, 5:15pm
eM Client is a good choice. There are some emails that Thunderbird just doesn't render, even with an add-on.

duncb, Apr 22, 5:16pm
I think it maybe you. or your email server. My Thunderbird is working fine.

smine, Apr 23, 11:06am
Thanks I'll give both eM and Gmail labels a try and make a choice. I ended up using an old version of Thunderbird and preventing updates because a new version started freezing. Even then it is still very slow and only loads a few emails at a time if I have some catching up to do. All started about 6 months back, and I have used Tbird for years. Maybe there is an interaction somewhere.

drizzle, Apr 23, 4:20pm
My Thunderbird is working fine, V.52.70 (32bit) but. the Theme Font & Size changer suddenly stooped working. Tried deleting it, reinstalling from new download several times but still won't work!
Any solutions to fix it?

lythande1, Apr 24, 8:57am
Must be just you I've used it for years and it's still the same, have you updated it?

drizzle, Apr 24, 11:28am
It automatically updates lythand1, it's happened once before but a new install of the Theme font size changed fixed it, now after a year or so it stopped working again. I'll keep deleting and reinstalling, hopefully get it working again.

ken158, Apr 24, 1:46pm
My Thunderbird is working well. albeit 45.8.0.
I can't get anymore updates as it tells me my system is out of date.
Way better than Outlook Express that I use to use then the sparks said I had to change over.
A new machine will be good when I get to it. I hope! ?

andrew.t, Apr 26, 9:04am
"used thunderbird for years" . Maybe all the old thunderbird files have become cumbersome and its time for a clearout. Do a export of all your mail, save it to the desktop so you can find it. Uninstall Thunderbird and use a third party uninstaller like the iobit one which clears out registry stuff too. Then install the latest thunderbird and import the mail back.

namtak, Dec 10, 7:13pm
Mozbackup will make this an easy task.

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