How to connect laptop to tv-netflix

jessica21_nz, Jun 19, 6:50pm
We are getting netflix and our tv isnt a smart tv. If I but the HDMI cables to connect the laptop to the tv can you watch netflix that way or do we need something else?

ianab, Jun 19, 6:58pm
Basically if the TV and the Laptop both have a HDMI port, all you need is a cable, and you then have a "Smart TV" or at least a really big external monitor for your laptop.

Either way you look at it, you can watch Netflix etc on the TV.

mss2006, Jun 19, 7:48pm
Chrome Cast is a wireless way to go. Plugs into your TVs HDMI port and Easy to use and set up on your phone.

ross1970, Jun 19, 8:43pm
I wouldn't even bother with the laptop tbh,
+1= ChromeCast plugged into TV, Netflix app on phone.

jessica21_nz, Jun 19, 8:46pm
How to you work the sound for nextflix on the tv running through a laptop? I need to go and buy the cable as we don't have one, does chrome cast work with a laptop?

azza20, Jun 19, 9:11pm
HDMI plugged from laptop to TV should also allow the sound to play on tv. you may need to switch the sound setting to hdmi on the laptop though.

jessica21_nz, Jun 19, 9:25pm
Thanks! How? Never used these cables before

jon9, Jun 19, 10:19pm
HDMI does video & sound

wotz_it_2_ya, Nov 2, 8:19am
+2 for chromecast. A much easier solution

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