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pommyjohn1, Feb 6, 6:41am
A little advice please from you knowledgeable folk.
I have just moved into a retirement village all new and all wired for fibre (all working well) I wanted the modem in the garage and I have a jack point there so I can use ethernet rather than wifi. In the garage I have a new Chorus patch panel which can route the data to kitchen,bedroom or garage.
My problem lies with the phone/answer machine Chorus tell me I must plug the phone in the back of the modem/router and I don't want my answer machine in the garage even though the phone is portable.Can I get a splitter to go in the patch panel routing the data to both kitchen and garage and can I then adapt from the Cat socket in the kitchen to the phone.Chorus say no but I think otherwise

johotech, Feb 6, 7:51am
Just patch the phone port on the modem or ONT into the data cable that goes to the kitchen, and plug the phone into the port in the kitchen.
The plugs might be slightly narrower in the sockets, but they will still work.

pommyjohn1, Feb 6, 9:05am
The modem is a long way from the patch box

king1, Feb 6, 9:36am
you said they are both (modem and patch panel) in the garage - normally it would all be the same box, but if not you might need a longer cable to connect the two. Doesn't really matter where things are located, the essential point is you can use structured cabling to connect the phone output of the modem to one of the jack points around the unit. You just need the correct cable.

spyware, Feb 6, 10:51am
C-RJ45LT4 combines/splits 1,2,3,6 (Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps) on one socket and 4,5 (phoneline centre pins) and 7,8 on the other socket over a single cable run.

You also 2 x RJ45 to RJ11 and 2 x RJ45 each end patch leads.

pommyjohn1, Feb 6, 6:32pm
Thanks Spyware that looks like just what I need ,didn't know you could do that with a data connection

loud_37, Feb 5, 8:46am
You can't just plug this into the port in the kitchen and now have a phone connection. You will still need to get a cable out of the modem/ont phone port. So the best solution is to get your modem next to your patch panel.

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