HELP my emails are stuck in the outbox

leeran, Apr 14, 11:10am
I'm using Windows Live. Have just made a good sale, buyer has contacted me to pick up today but I can't get back to them.
I'm NOT terrible savvy with computer terms so make it simple please.

Also put in General in case there's someone over there who knows.

vtecintegra, Apr 14, 11:16am
Who is your email provider? (the bit after the @ symbol in your address)

Most providers will have a webmail portal you can use at least until the initial problem is sorted

hulloitsme, Apr 14, 12:02pm
Do you get a message popping up after you press send? If yes, what does it say?
Also, your email providers server could be down. If so, just a matter of being patient until it's back online.
Windows Live 2012 is a great email program and still downloadable in the unlikely event you need to do a repair re-instal.


black-heart, Apr 14, 12:03pm
lol @ windows live.

leeran, Apr 14, 12:26pm
Yes the message pops up it's very helpful. not. It says there's "an unknown error".

black-heart, Apr 14, 12:34pm
Probably the mail server no longer supports such an out dated mail client.
Set up thunderbiord, or emclient to get your email, or use webmail.

spyware, Apr 14, 12:49pm
WLM should work fine, does for me.

black-heart, Apr 14, 1:38pm
OP hasn't bothered us with the details of the service they are using. So its anyones guess, microsoft and gmail certainly don't like old mail clients.

spyware, Apr 14, 1:58pm
So you say. Not my experience. In fact I have two gmail accounts and an account loaded in WLM. Works perfectly.

black-heart, Apr 14, 4:08pm
I don't say, gmail say.
Sure you can screw around with security to make it work.

king1, Apr 14, 5:36pm
To be fair, Gmail considers pretty much anything non-google to be 'less secure'

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 8:01am
Modern versions of Thunderbird support OAuth so should work without turning on insecure apps in Gmail.

You shouldn't be using an ancient mail client like WLM anyway - the web was a kinder place when that was released and security standards have moved on.

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