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1995, Sep 5, 3:37pm
Looking at 2 degrees trade up and wondering if anyone has any experience.

For example on iphone x your looking at repayments of $65 x 12 = $780
Trade up fees of $10 x 12 = $120

So my question is are you effectively paying $900 to get a new phone in 12 months time and if so why not purchase the phone outright / on a 12 months term and sell it in 12 months time and lose less than $900?

What is the advantage if any which you guys have seen?

nice_lady, Sep 5, 4:06pm
"choose the latest smartphone that's eligible for Trade Up to take home on a new interest free repayment option over 24 months"

think you missed about 12 months out of your calculation.

1995, Sep 5, 4:09pm
So you have to pay the second 12 months repayments of the first phone on top of the first 12 months repayments on the second phone?

nice_lady, Sep 5, 4:27pm
Ah you are already paying the 'first' phone off with them ?

The situation would be different depending on whether you bring a phone you already own and have paid for to the 'party' as such or you are starting from the position of still being in payment mode to 2degrees for your existing model.

I guess.

You better ask them.

1995, Sep 5, 4:39pm
I think we are talking about different things here.

I'm referring to 2 degrees tradeup https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/help-and-support/mobile/products-and-services/trade-up/

nice_lady, Sep 5, 4:45pm
No, that's the page I read, (flicked over anyway).

Anyway as i say you're best off asking them.

king1, Sep 5, 5:44pm
the usual way telcos obfuscate plans and the like so you really don't know what it's costing. You can be assured it won't be in 'your' best interests

sw20, Sep 5, 5:59pm
iPhone X on 24 months interest free + $55 plan + $10 trade up is $130.41 a month, I clicked on the $29 upfront box.

Looks like they knock $200 off the price, but you have still only paid $780 of the $1560 you borrowed after 12 months, so you would be refinancing the cost of a new phone + the remaining $780.

supernova2, Sep 11, 11:42pm
From the T&C
"once you have upgraded to a new handset on a new 24 month MRO in accordance with clause 6, your previous MRO will be cancelled and you will not be required to pay any further charges in respect of your original Eligible Handset or early termination charges (if applicable)"
Looks like you pay as normal for 12 months (on a 24 mth plan) and then trade up without having to pay the remaining 12 months. You then, apparently, do the same in a further 12 months and on it goes.

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