Acer Aspire ES 15 Laptop - where is the battery .

elsielaurie1, Mar 15, 4:59pm
and how do I remove it? The orange light keeps flashing so I have been advised to remove the battery and to run the computer straight from the mains and only use the battery when a power point is not available. Could it be that this model has an 'unremovable' battery?

king1, Mar 15, 5:05pm
they're usually fairly obvious and visible if its accessible from underneath. post the model number off the back label and we can check.

asmawa1, Mar 15, 5:10pm

elsielaurie1, Mar 15, 5:25pm
Hi - thank you ---- Model No: N16C1 (or NI6C1).

elsielaurie1, Mar 15, 5:29pm
Thank you but I have already watched this video plus others but the computers featured are different at the back from the model I have. :-( hence why I am asking here.

nice_lady, 6 days, 7 hours
you dont' have to remove the battery to run the laptop off the mains - just plug it in. It will run off mains when plugged in.

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