Retrolens photo access problems from copyright?

alex.handyman, Aug 15, 6:30pm
I'm having problems ticking the box below the thumbnail to order photo downloads, it keeps telling me it can't allow the download for copyright reasons, I've emailed their help desk but no useful response as yet. Just wondering if I'm the only one having problems

king1, Aug 15, 7:28pm
looks like a copyright protection. you can get a low res version by clicking the medium button below the image, beyond that I would suspect you need to go back to the owner of the image/copyright, since they don't seem to have a purchase link .

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:18pm
The images are free. I'll take a look for you. I have had a download problem in the past, but there was a way around that.

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:25pm
OK. So you click a thumbnail image. That gives you a larger preview on the left. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Hover over the Medium button. That show you the URL for a medium image. Use that URL in a new tab, replacing the 'Med' with 'High' to bring up the high-resolution version. Then you can right-click / save the image (may vary slightly depending on your browser).

alex.handyman, Sep 23, 9:08am
Thank you r.g.nixon, that's a cunning way around the problem, had to slightly modify the method to fit my circumstances, but seems to work, I've had this same problem in the past, and simply walked away from the site for some weeks, because I was getting no support or resolution of the problem, then tried it now and then until it worked again. For several months on another occasion it would not email the map images, and that too came right with time, your method would have probably got me around that one too, once again many thanks for your help, Alex

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