Filing large amount of photos at once

flopsie, Dec 26, 1:33pm
Could someone please tell me how to highlight a large number of photos so I can drag them to a new folder in one hit. The ones I want are all in numerical order so that makes in simpler I guess.Dragging one at a time is too slow . Photos on SD card. Running windows 10.I don't want to take off SD card, just copy. Thanks.

king1, Dec 26, 1:35pm
ctrl a


select first pic, hold down SHIFT select last pic


click and drag cursor over all photos you want to select


hold down CTRL and click on all photos you want to select

flopsie, Dec 26, 1:39pm
Thanks I kept losing it trying to highlight them all with cursor. Nearly 500 to file in one hit

flopsie, Dec 26, 1:41pm
If I use shift key will it take the photos of the card. I only want copies.?

king1, Dec 26, 2:46pm
shift as above is only while selecting photos.

when copying/dragging photos use CTRL to force a copy or SHIFT to force a move.
Rule of thumb is if copying from same drive to same drive, it will MOVE files. But one drive to another, by default is always a COPY

nice_lady, Dec 26, 3:25pm
This is so ridiculously easy.
Can't be bothered typing too much from phone


zak410, Dec 26, 3:31pm
Edit - Select all ?

nice_lady, Dec 26, 3:33pm

check that out.
where she does the copy by holding the control key and clickign on each file though, you can do
LEFT click the first file one time this will highlight it
take finger off mouse button and scroll do the last file
LEFT clik this WHILE HOLDING the SHIFT key
now ALL FILES will be highlighted.

now follow the video instructions for copy/paste.

olwen, Dec 26, 3:55pm
Why drag them? Once selected Ctrl-C to copy, Then click on destination folder, Ctrl-V to paste.

snoopy221, Dec 26, 4:00pm
Windows ten mmmkay me juss lazy.
So open sd card and go up to **home ** menu lefty clicky then go across to **select all** lefty clicky then go back to home lefty clicky then select **copy to**
Damn. ;

nice_lady, Dec 26, 4:01pm
Drag also has useful functions.

Highlight files
Right click and hold click Down while drag
Release click at destination folder
Menu appears:

Copy here
Move here
Create shortcuts here

Useful eh.

flopsie, Dec 26, 4:09pm
Well I open two pages and have them side by side dragging seems good

flopsie, Dec 26, 4:13pm
Yeah well it always is easy once you know how eh. Thanks for all your help folks

nice_lady, Dec 26, 4:15pm
Then highlight all as detailed above and use right click/drag.

rayonline_tm, Dec 26, 4:16pm
If you use a photos software you can flag them by pressing the shift or control button. Then select only all those flagged or all those with a color code and move it elsewhere .

nice_lady, Dec 26, 4:49pm
Windows does this also

gyrogearloose, Dec 26, 11:28pm
Since you are copying them all off the phone SD card then why not just copy the folder?

I create a folder on the computer named '2017' and then copy or drag the folder off the phone or camera. So I'll end up with 2017\158___05 folder being the May photos from one of the devices, and 2017\111___05 being the May photos from another camera.

It's much easier deleting the unwanted photos on the computer, and then when I need space on the camera I can format the card without any fear of losing any photo.

And doing this, it's one or two clicks or a drag and drop to copy the photos.

flopsie, Dec 27, 9:54am
Well its a DSLR camera SD card and it never occurred to me to make folders on card while still in camera. Every so often I download and file my latest pics. I keep the SD cards when theyre full, that's my back up.

gyrogearloose, Dec 27, 10:40am
Every digital camera and every phone camera I've ever had automatically creates a folder on the SD card and puts the photo's in there. I assumed it was to prevent putting more than ~250 files in the root of the card and then prematurely getting a 'card full' error. Your DSLR must be different.

flopsie, Mar 11, 2:58am
Well camera may make a folder as you say. but only one per SD card

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