Chromecast uninstalling itself

zizzy41, Jul 25, 6:52pm
just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a chromecast that worked fine for a few months. Recently it uninstalled itself. I tried to reinstall it but it keeps telling me it can't connect to my wifi. I've tried everything I can find to get it to connect and it just won't. Any idea's how to fix this? Thankyou in advance

nice_lady, Jul 25, 7:31pm
You're using the correct password ?

mss2006, Jul 25, 8:30pm
Have you disconnected CC from your TV and its power supply and disconnected TV and router/modem from the mains and reconnected. Also have you deleted the app and reinstalled it from Play Store? Have you updated any new available Firmware for the TV and your device and router/modem?

zizzy41, Jul 25, 8:50pm
hi yep, password is correct. I've unplugged the tv, modem, chromecast. deleted and reinstalled it all from playstore and checked to update the modem. nothing. I'll see if I can update firmware for the tv now

zizzy41, Jul 25, 9:05pm
all updated and still not working

king1, Jul 25, 9:08pm
login to the modem and triple check the password. Updating tv etc is not needed.

ross1970, Jul 25, 9:22pm
Not one mention of the version of cc lol.
You've hard reset the cc and let it use the wifi credentials of the device you are setting it up with? And you know you'll need location turned on , on the setup device?

zizzy41, Jul 25, 9:34pm
Google Chromecast 2Style:27733 is all the info I have on the version. Have hard reset the cc and location is turned on

mss2006, Jul 25, 9:37pm
Faulty CC possibly? Tried a different HDMI Port?

loud_37, Jul 25, 9:52pm
have you connected to the chromecast via phone? meaning changing the wifi connection on the phone from your modem to the chromecast so you can set it up.

zizzy41, Jul 25, 10:01pm
I've tried all the HDMI ports. Tried connecting it through my tablet, laptop and lastly phone. No luck. I'm thinking its faulty

loud_37, Jul 25, 10:05pm
have you downloaded the chromecast app 'googlehome' on the tablet?

zizzy41, Jul 25, 10:07pm
yep, tried that too!

loud_37, Jul 25, 10:08pm
does it show in the device list?

zizzy41, Jul 25, 10:12pm
yes, it shows in the device list. Its all fine until it tries to connect to my wifi and then it just won't connect

loud_37, Jul 25, 10:16pm
thats normally a password issue, but could be a problem with the device.

zizzy41, Jul 25, 10:18pm
password is all correct. I think I'll give up for now. its driving me nuts lol

ross1970, Jul 25, 10:20pm
What freq band is your wifi 2.4 or 5 or both?

zizzy41, Jul 26, 11:55am
sorry, just saw this now. Its both

mss2006, Jul 27, 10:59am
Try setting it up at a mate's place. And use another devise there as well. If no go I think faulty.

bassmo1, Jul 27, 11:28am
My old cc (still working) came with an extra usb cable because it may not have been able to get enough power through hdmi alone. It made the difference. Have you this extra cable to attach?

We had a problem with ours some time ago when it was confusing wifi signals. The fix was to begin again. Turned off the router and everything else, tv etc. Turn on the router, change a channel on it, let it boot up, turn on the tv and let it find it's wifi, then reconnect CC.

nice_lady, Jul 27, 12:36pm
Since when is a Chromecast powered from HDMI ? I've got 1st and 2nd edition Chromecasts and they use usb power either from your tv or an adaptor plug into 240v.

spyware, Oct 5, 7:54pm
Since never.

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