Well, thats awkward

mrfxit, Jun 10, 3:26pm
Down at the work shop & thought. YEA better do my lunch dishes

Managed to drop a fork in to an open box of Bourbon cans . . . . . . .(o)~~

nice_lady, Jun 10, 4:14pm
Well that'll teach you for not finishing them off - imagine that - leaving boubon just lying around. Hubby is disgusted !

mrfxit, Jun 10, 4:26pm
fine .

mrfxit, Jun 11, 8:04am
Thankfully only 1 can was punctured but I was able to salvage it in time ;-)

black-heart, Jun 11, 8:18am
The fork punctured a can?

mrfxit, Jun 11, 3:18pm
Dropped from about 12" on to the last can in the box & on it's side.
Not sure if it was a fork or sharp knife, either way, I wasn't expecting it to happen.

nice_lady, Jun 11, 3:51pm
Wife calls Dave
"Where are you darling ?"
"Oh, just working dear" he says. (Pub at Chartwell Hamilton called 'Just Working')
"Hmm" She says picturing the Tardis and Dave comfortably ensconced in it slaving away at computer recycling work "Ok"
Dave gets home
Wife says "Whats with the bourbon on your breath Dave ?"
Dave refers her to thread on computer message board.
Hmmmm ?

chromis, Jun 11, 4:04pm
That's not awkward, that's serendipitous.

nice_lady, Jun 11, 4:09pm
*Think you spelt suspicious wrong*


gyrogearloose, Jun 11, 5:00pm
I know that you can drink warm Lion Red, but Bourbon? Why wasn't it in the fridge?

mrfxit, Nov 9, 7:42am
Last can in the box.
Bar fridge otherwise occupied with daily & emergency rations for when I "need" to stay away from home for a bit ;-)

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