How to delete a gmail address

rpvr, Aug 30, 3:42pm
I have two gmail addresses and want to get rid of one of them, but don't want to close the whole google account. How to do this? The information on the net seems complicated.

nice_lady, Aug 30, 4:04pm
From 30 seconds on Google:

***Follow the steps to delete an account:

Log into the Gmail account you want to delete:
Go to
1. Settings
2. Accounts and Import
3. Google Account Settings (bottom of page)
4. Next to "My Products" click "Edit"

Here is where it gets confusing - but do this:

Under "Delete Account," Click on "Close account and delete all services and info associated with it"
This will only delete the Google account that is associated with the email account you don't want to keep and will not delete the Google account associated with the Gmail/email address that you do want to keep.***

Someone who posted this said it worked.

king1, Aug 30, 4:28pm
by the looks of it .

delete products on the right hand side. But use caution.

rpvr, Aug 31, 7:52am
Yeah, I get concerned about "delete account" when there is no provision for "delete email address". Neither of the gmail accounts are my primary account, so maybe I'll reconsider and delete both. There are lots more free email programmes out there, which are much more user friendly.

nice_lady, Aug 31, 8:06am
#2 wasnt helpful?

rpvr, Aug 31, 8:41pm
It was in the end. many thanks. It wasn't quite as shown, though, it seems google has been playing around with their settings again. Took me a while to get my head around it.

1. Settings
2.Accounts and Import
3.Other Google account settings (not at the bottom, only about a third way down the page)
4.Delete your accounts and services

At this point it brings up the login box, asking you to confirm password for that particular email address.

Then it brings up a box with the mail address in it, and "delete" at the bottom.

This worked. I then got a security alert in the other remaining email address to tell me of the address that had been deleted, and how if this was done in error I could recover it by following some steps if done quickly.

nice_lady, Aug 31, 8:44pm
Ok good. All done.

black-heart, Sep 14, 6:48pm
Good luck finding a more user friendly email 'program'.

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