My printer will print but not scan

sher5, Feb 26, 2:25pm
I have a j5320dw printer that will print but not scan. I have it connected via usb cable to computer. It worked wireless but now I need to use a cable I cant get it to scan. Help please

king1, Feb 26, 2:47pm
it usually happens when you haven't installed the proper driver software off the disk or from here

wireless connection is a different 'device' from a cable connection

supernova2, Feb 26, 3:03pm
I had a similar problem with my Brother printer after a W10 update. I tried all the usual tricks so finally rang the Brother helpdesk 0800 329 111.

Fixed in about 10 seconds. Great service.

sher5, Jan 19, 8:52pm
I contacted Brother helpdesk and as you said they were great - all sorted. Something not uninstalled properly before I reinstalled software when changed from wifi to cable.

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