I need assistance please

maryanne19, Mar 15, 5:11pm
I am not at all up with scams etc and always err on the side of caution and delete if I have any doubt but for the first time I have a message on a red colour saying Google have prevented someone tampering with my pass word and to review activity -
What should I do please and what would be the outcome if I did?
Thank you so much and looking forward to your responses

andrew.t, Mar 16, 9:45am
don't click on any links in the email, go to the google login page by typing in the address yourself. Once logged into your account you should see a banner across the top of the page to click on to review the activity.

maryanne19, 6 days, 19 hours
Thank you andrew.t - new advice for me and I have changed my password
I had a friend here this morning who said she has received that same message and it was genuine

Thank you again and have a great weekend

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