Is anyone else getting emails from

elsielaurie1, Apr 22, 1:15pm
? . from dating websites, ticket selling, discounts etc. I have never communicated with anyone of this name. They all go in my 'spam' bag when they arrive. I never open them.

spyware, Apr 22, 1:41pm
Lucky bugger.

nice_lady, Apr 22, 2:08pm
the emails you are getting 'appear' to be coming from an addy but they could be coming from anywhere in the world. Just delete and forget.

gaimon, Apr 23, 2:59pm
Yes, I have been getting them for the past couple of weeks. When you go to
unsubscribe it asks for your email address. Duh!

troubs, Apr 23, 3:17pm
Yes I have. I add them to my black list. But they still appear

nice_lady, Apr 23, 3:49pm
NEVER unsubscribe from something you didn't subscribe to!
Congratulations you have now let them know you are a real email address. Look forward to considerably more junk mail now!

gaimon, Dec 14, 10:45pm
No. Once they asked for my email address I just deleted it.

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