TV Aerial - UHF inside terracotta roof?

rbd, Jul 25, 5:06pm
Just moved into a house that only has a sky dish (so I thought). Didn't have a TV so bought one that was UHF and satellite ready. We want freeview capability (sometimes you just want to channel surf).

There was normal TV jack and F Type sky jack behind TV but I get no signal from either. Investigations showed a VHF aerial inside the roof space.

I've traced the cable to the (probably) 15 year old sky dish. The dish maybe kaput, but being on the edge of a two story house with steep roof I'm hesitant to get someone in to check.

If I install a modern UHF aerial to the pole INSIDE the terracotta roof cavity (replacing the VHF) is that likely to be successful?

The filter box is on the aerial pole so I'd just detach the VHF aerial and wire the UHF aerial to the appropriate pace on the board.

pheonix, Jul 25, 6:11pm
Worth a try. :)
Two things to keep in mind. 1/ The older coax is not suitable for Freeview due to the higher frequencies used by freeview. In a high strength signal area you can get away with the higher loss of the older coax. 2/ Again , the terrracota tiles will drop the signal but a high signal area there are no problems.
An alternative to think about is if you can get at the dish coax to use for the UHF aerial. You can get splitters that will allow both dish and UHF aerial to run down the same coax.

spyware, Jul 25, 6:33pm
Make sure "filter box" is not a masthead amp requiring a power supply - normally at TV end.

chito, Jul 25, 6:50pm
Have you tried changing your Satellite LO setting on the TV between 11300 and 10750 to get a signal? AS far as uhf goes as pheonix said, if VHF needed an Amplifier then UHF probably won't work, especially if roof has lots of moss.

rbd, Oct 6, 6:05pm
Yes "Filter box" is a masthead amp requiring 15V power supply. Damn.

However, according to freeview website there is no UHF in Marlborough so I am wasting my time. I need to go down the satellite route after all.

I'll call Panasonic tomorrow and get them to talk me through the satellite setup and options to doubly check before I call a local aerial company. If need be they can climb up two stories.

Thanks for the input all.

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