Does RAM retain any data if HDD removed

zeala, Jul 18, 9:15am
I am disposing of a laptop, I wish to know if once the HDD is removed, does the memory retain any information or not.

ians2, Jul 18, 9:22am
RAM forgets any information (DATA) received once power to the chips is removed.
Its called volatile memory for that very reason.

event_horizon_1, Jul 18, 9:48am
Intel's new Optane DRAM is persistant, time will tell if we see this in the consumer market.

hulloitsme, Jul 18, 10:03am
RAM (Random Access Memory) loses its content once the power is turned off. Nothing is retained.

mrfxit, Jul 18, 11:32am
The hdd will also be clean after a data wipe & make the laptop more usable for refurbishing

lythande1, Jul 18, 11:43am
Random Access Memory.
stores data and machine code currently being used.
Both static and dynamic RAM are considered volatile, as their state is lost or reset when power is removed from the system.

black-heart, Jul 18, 12:06pm
its in the consumer market, its just not very sensible financially.
It makes a HDD perform like an SSD, limitation is that it only works for the OS drive.

event_horizon_1, Jul 18, 12:25pm

zeala, Oct 13, 4:59am
Thanks all, question answered

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