granda1, Jan 17, 4:06pm
I was led to believe that if I blacklisted a site then I would no longer receive emails from it, however this does not seem to be the case, am sick and tired of these bloody Bitcoin dealers and several others

suicidemonkey, Jan 17, 4:26pm
How are you blacklisting sites? What program are you using to do it? More info needed.

ross67, Jan 17, 4:35pm
I am still getting heaps of spam emails, and extra is useless with their blacklisting.

granda1, Jan 17, 6:46pm
Mine come thru on my server which is Spark, if this will not stop them is there a program that will do it?

cookee_nz, Jan 18, 12:29am
Spam comes in cycles. You can sometimes spend more time trying to deal with them than the minor annoyance they cause. You can help by marking each message as spam or junk, this will help xtra's filters to 'learn' certain keywords and domains for future but if it's just Bitcoin messages for example you can also create a 'rule' to automatically mark and trash ALL messages containing the word 'bitcoin'.

davepro, Feb 5, 4:58pm
I've recently moved to MailWasher, which seems to do an excellent job of removing spam/phishing messages.


nice_lady, Feb 7, 6:46pm
Damn good to hear. Yes Mailwasher is about the most effective tool I've seen for ever as far as dealing with spam goes. It can't stop spammers targeting you of course, but it can deal with spam very effectively indeed. It has blacklist by email/domain/filters/bounce/de-
lete etc etc. very good program AND it was made by a Kiwi !

I often reccomend it.

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