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omaria, Jul 17, 3:15pm
I dried it off immediately and put a blow dryer on it briefly.
Now I suddenly am no longer connected to the internet, any suggestions would be greatfully accepted. I can connect on iPad but need urgent access to my professional portals which I cannot do from here. Damsel in distress. Thanks in advance. I have turned computer off meantime.

nice_lady, Jul 17, 3:17pm
Laptop? Desktop?

king1, Jul 17, 3:19pm
keyboard is possibly buggered and needs to be replaced - does it actually work still? may or may not be related to the internet problem but need to sort out the keyboard first I would think

Then, how do you connect to internet ?

nice_lady, Jul 17, 3:20pm
Either laptop or dedktop, Go buy a new keyboard and plug it in. Hopefully that'll sort it out. However if it's a laptop the issue could be MUCH more serious than a new keyboard.

omaria, Jul 17, 3:27pm

nice_lady, Jul 17, 3:48pm
Yeah. I'd be inclined to leave it OFF and hope it isn't stuffed. Liquid on electronics is never a good thing. Get it to a tech and get it assessed & if you have contents insurance and it's worthwhile it may be a claim. If theres still liquid inside the thing then the next time you turn it on, if you are unlucky, it could end up catastrophically buggered to use a very technical term.

omaria, Jul 17, 3:52pm
Someone texted me and suggested to put it in a bag with uncooked rice and leave in hot water cupboard for a few hours.

nice_lady, Jul 17, 3:52pm
Ok in regard to the problem. IF you have the laptop on please detail what you have tried in order to reinstate the internet connection .

As for the above quote - what do you mean 'professional portals which I cannot do from here', (meaning on the ipad ?).

nice_lady, Jul 17, 3:54pm
Well you can hope that would work but it's a laptop. Inside the thing are quite a few 'nooks and crannies' where liquid might reside. Indeed severe damage might have already occurred.

Good luck with it.

lythande1, Jul 17, 4:16pm
It should have been unplugged (and off battery) immediately. Then dismantled to clean out properly.
Now it's shorted something. You need a repair person.

omaria, Jul 17, 5:05pm
That has to do with my work. All details of clients are stored there and only I can access it in the portals. And only on my laptop. Not sure how to access it on my iPad. Don?

event_horizon_1, Jul 17, 5:28pm
Button combo/switch to turn off WIFI?

mark.p, Jul 17, 5:30pm
Does the company you work for have computer tech support? If so that should be your first port of call. Explain you situation and they may be able to supply another system using a back up of your existing laptops hard drive.

Sound like you have a custom work set up you certainly don't want
to disapear.

nice_lady, Jul 17, 5:32pm
What are these 'portals' are they website pages ?
Does the machine auto log in if so ?
Hope you got a backup .

omaria, Jul 17, 5:40pm
No they are company portals you can only be given access to by the organisation you working with.
I click on the portal and it auto signs me in.
I have no back up, the work is confidential.

nice_lady, Jul 17, 5:44pm
So if these 'portals' are websites you could potentially sign in on any device, (dependant on a couple of factors - such as for one, security certificates stored on the computer. ). However if it auto signs you in then unless you know the details for that theres no way you'd be able to anyway.

nice_lady, Jul 17, 5:44pm
Think you need to get hold of the company's tech team ASAP.

Again, if you have the laptop turned off and are trying to dry it with warmth in the hotwater cupboard well and good. And good luck. And even if you do get it working you'd be very well advised not to get too complacent that it won't putt out sometime earlier than it's otherwise expected lifespan due to liquid damage.

Other wise if you do have it turned on - what EXACTLY have you tried in order to get it back online ?

mark.p, Jul 17, 6:17pm
Whats the make and model of laptop? As #12 suggested a key/switch might have been knocked cleaning up the spill. Could be fluids have shorted the wifi card.

aoc1, Jul 17, 6:47pm
Was there sugar in the tea? I rescued a laptop after a cup knocked over onto the keyboard but I had to strip the laptop down and dry all the parts.

omaria, Jul 17, 7:25pm
No sugar but sweetener and milk. I turned it off after wiping sand drying it. It?

jcmp21, Jul 17, 7:41pm
Was it earl gray or english breakfast?

mark.p, Jul 17, 7:56pm
Should be well dried out by now.

omaria, Jul 17, 8:30pm
Bell tea from pac n save

mark.p, Jul 17, 9:26pm
Everything working?

gibler, Jul 17, 9:46pm
hmm the last person who got tea though their laptop . I discovered the liquid was eventually making its way to the hard drive compartment. Complete loss apart from the hard drive.

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