1tb external hdd issues

mrfxit, May 19, 10:32am
Will be an interesting result later today
1tb external usb3 hdd failed NTFS fast format/ bluntly failed NTFS full format/ bluntly failed Efat format.
Now running 16byte full format under NTFS & still running 30 minutes later.

king1, May 19, 10:52am
why is it not in the bin yet?

mrfxit, May 19, 11:20am
Experiment while doing other jobs.
Nothing to loose & maybe an external to gain for casual usage.
Had similar problems with other drives & sometimes it's just needed a thrashing like this to sort them out.
Spinrite has repaired a few even without reporting errors.
It's just been the process of running the repair program thats sorted them out.
Most modern techs are to lazy to even try to do simple stuff like this.
What ever happened to good ol diagnostics with brains.

mrfxit, May 19, 11:25am
OH & still formatting without error.

king1, May 19, 11:38am
you could never trust it completely, that's the problem I have with it. although i understand you trying given the industry your in.

mrfxit, May 19, 11:55am
Trust any external completely . hell no.
But if it's ok after this, it will be fine for transfers between computers/ tools etc in the workshop, when theres an original copy still available.

black-heart, May 19, 11:56am
Normal techs don't value a sub $100 drive over the data it may contain. The majority of my clients use external disks for their backups, I'd never put them in a potential situation where the offsite backup is a known flakey disk. Imagine if there was a disaster and that was your last recourse. NO THANKS.

mrfxit, May 19, 1:20pm
Neither would I risk my clients data either, that way.
Who the heck said it would be used for critical data OR sold to a customer?

As I said, if it proves to be ok, it would be only used for transfers & not for critical back ups etc.
Fine for stuff thats not critical or where theres no copys elsewhere
As most techs would already understand, workshops can be hard on external hdd's & usb sticks as it is & this would only be used for the likes of tech tools/ driver transfers etc & salvage where the data isn't critical anyway.
Why pay out $100 for a new ext hdd when simply leaving this 1 to run & possibly fix it, won't cost me anything for a working hackabout hdd.
Bad sectors & noisy drives are a totally different matter.

nice_lady, Nov 26, 8:05pm
ReCycleIT Dave !

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