Using Google Photos with Selling on Trade Me

johnhb, Apr 22, 7:34pm
I'm currently using the above as my primary source of photos for everything- and would also like to use them for Trade Me when I'm selling and want to pull up an image.
Can anyone tell me how to access all my photos on my desktop on Google Photos? When I select the blue box to "Upload Photos" (in "My Products") up pops a box headed "File Upload". So far, so good!
From that, I select "Desktop" (Google Photos is on my desktop) But when I continue down this line to open and use Google Photos, I get a message that "Google Photos.url is not a valid file type. You can only upload photos with a file extension of .bmp, gif, jpeg, png".
So the question then arises (I guess?) of how I convert all the photos in that folder to those extensions?
Or is there some easier way of accessing the photos from "Google Photos" (which all seem to be jpgs, anyway)? And is there a relatively seamless way of doing this/ setting up a path to Google Photos?

suicidemonkey, Dec 15, 5:17am
You can't upload photos directly from the Google Photos desktop app as you have described - it simply doesn't work like that.

You will need to download the photos from Google Photos to your computer first (see here: From there you can upload the photos using the method you described above.
If you want to sync all of your photos from Google Photos to your desktop so you don't need to download individually each time you need a photo, you can do this with Google Drive:

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