Excel doc to pdf

stekar, Mar 24, 11:09am
can any one help - I have a excel doc that i need to save/send to a pdf and fill out and send as an email . im on windows 7

pinballwizard, Mar 24, 11:24am
Try the free online conversion site www.zamzar.com. I have used it many times successfully.

kew, Mar 24, 11:28am
So do you actually have Excel on your PC?

stekar, Mar 24, 11:49am
no I don't have excel, it comes thru to be as a excel, I open it as an open office

vtecintegra, Mar 24, 1:00pm
You can save as PDF natively in OpenOffice

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 1:30pm
Fill it out in OpenOffice (LibreOffice is better); then save to PDF.

stekar, Jan 2, 7:51pm
yeah i changed my spreadsheet to pdf, now as its a spreadsheet, ive choosen fill and sign, as its a spreadsheet with totals they will not come up as a total eg hours worked but when I do it as an open office it does.

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