Auckland - generic printer cartridge

billyfieldman, Mar 29, 1:31pm
My Brother 2140 toner is starting to print very light. Originals cost a lot so I want to get compatible generics.

Would appreciate any recommendations of Auckland shop you have used before or heard good things about.

black-heart, Mar 29, 1:33pm
I've heard good things about OEM cartridges.

suicidemonkey, Mar 29, 3:42pm
Me too. Nice and reliable.

billyfieldman, Mar 29, 5:12pm
The OEM toner costs about $104.
New printer $79.

aktow, Dec 31, 10:49pm
i buy from overseas, i use aliexpress you can change dollar preference to nz dollar and lots of goods have free shipping to nz,, some products you have to buy bulk but so far every thing i have bought you can just buy one,,,
brother copy cartridges,

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