Macbook Air - 1-day

geek_lisa7, Sep 3, 12:26 pm

They're really quite similar but the above one has a later version i5 cpu
Slightly better Graphics chip (6000 as opposed to a 5000 on the other one).

geek_nice_lady, Sep 3, 12:44 pm

The first one is an Early 2015 model, the second one is a early 2014 model.

Get the newer one.

geek_sw20, Sep 3, 12:44 pm

Those prices are insane for second hand low end 3+ year old laptops

You need to remember that those 'refurbs' are nothing like a proper all refurb at all

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 3, 1:48 pm

It does say "genuine refurb" - does that mean it's an Apple refurb?

If it's not, I wouldn't touch it.

Altho tbh I wouldn't touch it anyway - Macbook Airs are so out of date now.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 3, 3:27 pm

whats a genuine refurb when 1-day is selling it ? /lol I'd rather have the money.

geek_black-heart, Sep 3, 7:25 pm

pretty old models . screen is too small and low res to be usable. Probaly only any good if you just wanted to explore using OS X.

geek_gibler, Sep 3, 9:16 pm

It's a small screen alright and the res isn't high but saying it's too small and low res to be usable is complete rubbish. Don't know if you were around in the 'old days' but when you had 640x480 vga I guess no-one could even use those either ?

geek_nice_lady, Sep 3, 10:14 pm

Agreed, it might not have the best screen but it's certainly more than usable - I used to own one. It's a very nice laptop to use, it's just too expensive for what it is at this point.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 3, 10:16 pm

And that may indeed be correct. 1day after all isn't anyone I'd buy off, (not that I'd buy 2nd hand electronics anyway although I understand some people may need to budget wise).

geek_nice_lady, Sep 3, 10:20 pm

Yeah I wouldn't be buying anything that isn't a proper Apple refurb.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 3, 10:22 pm

It makes a big difference trying to use OS X.

geek_gibler, Sep 3, 10:29 pm

Possibly, and I'm not personally familiar with it but suicidemonkey @ post #9 seems to be. I just think you overstated the case a bit.

Would go along with suicidemonkey who seems familiar with the device and says it's not good value at that price.

geek_nice_lady, Sep 3, 10:33 pm

It really doesn't. OS X has great scaling. I used to be a big Mac fan, had the 13" Air and the old 13" MBP, the resolution wasn't really an issue.

But either way as I said, not great value for money these days. Maybe 5 or so years ago.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 13, 3:06 am