Facebook Privacy

jh34, Jul 14, 11:26pm
Like you are arguing on a Facebook page and people click on your name and can see what you ate for breakfast. What do you do about that?

suicidemonkey, Jul 14, 11:35pm
Random people shouldn't be able to see much of your page by default, just the basic info.

Anyway, check the Facebook help page. It's easy to lock down your page.


king1, Jul 14, 11:40pm
anger management maybe?

gyrogearloose, Jul 15, 12:13am
Stop posting about what you ate for breakfast, if you want to stop people to stop seeing what you ate for breakfast.

Do you post what you had for breakfast every day?

black-heart, Jul 15, 10:35am
delete your FB a/c and do something useful with your time?

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 10:47am
Like make snarky comments on the TM message board?

mark.p, Jul 15, 10:58am
Arguing on the internet isn't that useful https://explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/386:_Duty_Calls

wembley1, Jul 15, 11:00am
Facebook privacy is an oxymoron

jh34, Jul 15, 12:33pm
Are you feeling OK [____] - sorry for yourself eh? its comes across (no pun intended) that your intestinal system is more than a little blocked, you must understand that this can play havoc with the brain. Recommendation is that you drink some pure polluted water from one of the many creeks and rivers, your forebears helped to create, it?

jh34, Jul 15, 12:36pm
The thing about arguing is that you can test the streangth of your arguments and for some of us that is as close as we come to having a say. Having a voice requires an infrastructure.

mark.p, Jul 15, 12:50pm
What did you eat for breakfast ?

jh34, Jul 15, 5:50pm

ross1970, Jul 15, 5:53pm
Facebook privacy is an oxymoron.
It's like wanting dry water.

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 6:35pm
Well it's not. It's easy to lock down your profile so only your friends can see it, and that's what OP wants to do.

What Facebook themselves do with your data is a different story.

mark.p, Jul 15, 6:43pm
FB have been known the change settings en mass so what was "locked down" was no longer the case.

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 7:18pm
I've not noticed, my profile has been locked down since day 1. A quick check just now confirms it's still locked down.

black-heart, Jul 15, 7:29pm
See it works!

cognition, Oct 14, 7:18pm
As others have pointed out. For that particular use case, You should be able to hide posts from public view. Seemed to still work upon last test.

While on the topic of Facebook Data control, 2 of my own questions.

How can I stop any comments I make on public pages (e.g companies or public groups) from appearing on my friend's newsfeeds? Particularly if I know they have no interest in the topic I may be discussing?

2nd Question. This "Custom Audience" thing, if you go to settings --> Ads.
I get a list of companies along with this note. "These advertisers are running ads using a contact list they uploaded that includes your contact information.".
Doesn't this constitute handing over personal details to a 3rd party (in this case, being Facebook -- who's subsequently gone and done some data matching)?

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