What unlimited internet do u use?

jessica21_nz, May 2, 3:16pm
hi there, we are with spark. We are hoping to finally go unlimited but besides spark what are other good servers? Who do u recommend? Thanks

suicidemonkey, May 2, 3:49pm
In my experience Spark are very good.

You can use this website to compare pricing etc

kiwi_neil, May 2, 4:57pm
I'm on Spark fibre 200. No complaints here. Very reliable and quick.

lythande1, May 2, 5:03pm

gibler, May 2, 5:52pm
2 degrees

black-heart, May 2, 7:00pm
+1 I don't speak broken english, nor do I want to be asked if I've turned it off and on again. So I don't go with spark or vodafone.

oh_hunnihunni, May 2, 7:12pm

suicidemonkey, May 2, 7:14pm
Weird, the last few times I've called Spark, I've spoken to a kiwi (not the bird, mind you). Not that it really matters tbh. Anyway, very happy with their service and knowledgeable help desk people.

Vodafone on the other hand is the pits.

gammelvind, May 2, 8:14pm
Trustpower here, no issues.

fishb8, May 2, 9:15pm
My Republic - supposedly on 100/20 but they gave me a 3 month trial for 1000/1000 5 months ago and still got that. well only when connected on LAN and even then, more like 750/750 - $85, including landline.
Always have Kiwi techs (which I only needed to set up the vfbb)

r.g.nixon, May 2, 10:50pm

mcdaff, May 2, 11:13pm
I keep hearing that Vodafone is the pits, we have been with Vodafone since they took over from Clear who took over from Paradise. I must say have never had a problem with Vodafone broadband, had unlimited adsl for a long time. We have recently moved the shift went smoothly and now have unlimited Fibre. No problems at all and quite happy with the service.

dee238, May 3, 5:30am
Ditto for me as well.

vtecintegra, May 3, 1:08pm
On Skinny ADSL while waiting for fibre.

It's fine, obviously not the fastest connection around but it's cheap and there is no contract (although annoyingly they do make you buy their router)

mark119, Dec 7, 4:07am
A vote for Slingshot VDSL here. Had to call them 3-4 times over 10 years, fault has always been with Chorus equipment, last one was lightning induced fault. Have insisted on using my own modem router (Asus). Phone response is a lot better than a few years ago and as soon as you are talking to a real person the service has been fine.

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