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dabo, Jun 24, 9:47pm
Hi i use my laptop in 3 places - 2 different houses and at work so 3 separate wireless modem connections. I used to connect automatically and computer would stay connected no problem. Now , regardless of where I am it continually disconnects and I get a message Windows Network diagnosis always says "problem with wireless adaptor or connection point' It reconnects when I click to 'troubleshoot' but I'd like to fix whatever this is . Laptop is a lenovo x1 thinkpad I'm thinking that as this is happening at 3 different places the fault must be with the laptop not the modem itself Any ideas of how to sort this appreciated.

suicidemonkey, Jun 24, 10:05pm
I'd start by heading to the Lenovo website and download/installing the latest driver.

dabo, Jun 24, 10:38pm
Thank you I?

ross1970, Jun 24, 11:14pm
Yeah driver update, and uninstall device in device manager and reboot to reinstall it.

dabo, Jun 25, 7:01pm
Sorry what am I uninstalling? Where do I find it ? I did the driver update but still going off line

ross1970, Jun 25, 7:59pm
In device manager under network adaptors, uninstall the wifi adaptor. reboot pc.

mush13, Jun 26, 5:48am
Maybe go to the device settings for the adaptor and make sure that windows cannot put the adaptor to sleep to save power.

nice_lady, Jun 26, 7:59am
Possibly relevant;

OH Ps: DON'T download any of those stupid 'Driver Update' type programs they have links on that page for, (or any others), they're just a waste of time and a scam to extract $$ from you.

dabo, Oct 30, 5:45am
Thank you for the suggestions and advice especially the article It's a bit beyond me so I will get my computer savvy son to work through the steps. Hopefully it will fix it.

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