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granda1, Aug 7, 7:39pm
On an IMac how can I set up a block address book so that one email arrives at multiple addresses. I suspect that a certain very helpful lady will know the answer.


ross1970, Aug 7, 7:54pm
eg on Gmail, set up a group(s).

nice_lady, Aug 7, 8:07pm
Sorry not too familiar with Mac OS. However the answer would definitely depend on what email program or system/method you currently use.

granda1, Aug 7, 9:41pm
Thats my problem I'm afraid, all I know is that it all comes thru Spark, apart from it might as well be in Chinese.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 9:46pm
What do you click on to get the mail?

granda1, Aug 7, 9:50pm
The Chrome icon

king1, Aug 7, 10:01pm

by the looks of it Distribution Lists is what you are looking for - towards the end

nice_lady, Aug 7, 10:31pm
Cool I reckon King1 has the solution.
You're using a Web browser. Chrome To get to your email website.

granda1, Aug 7, 10:52pm
Many thanks, will play around and let you know how it goes

granda1, Aug 8, 12:01pm
Sorry guys, that did not work, all I got was access to todays weather, the stock market etc.

king1, Aug 8, 12:26pm
that would suggest your not logged in to your email i guess, and/or maybe your clicking the three DOTS in Chrome and doing new tab or something. Its guess work without more info on what you are actually doing

nice_lady, Aug 8, 1:04pm
Spark . right I have spark email
Take a look at the following screen shot from the spark email page.

Your page should have the same menu items along the top.
Follow the instructions in the picture:

nice_lady, Aug 8, 2:07pm
Then you CAN'T be on the Spark email page.

nice_lady, Aug 8, 2:10pm

nice_lady, Aug 8, 2:14pm
I asked:

so you're clicking on one of these: ?

And that takes you straight into your Spark mail box ?

YES or NO ?

If so it should look very similar to this:

YES . NO ?

granda1, Aug 8, 6:36pm
Once again "nice-lady to the rescue, many thanks

nice_lady, Aug 8, 6:47pm

granda1, Aug 8, 9:40pm
At this point, the test will be when I try to add to the list, but that is a battle for another day, I am sure the ether will throw up another problem, it just seems to be the nature of the beast.

granda1, Sep 27, 6:15pm
Well the initial names went in all okay, however I tried adding a couple this morning and when I did this the names appeared in the list under the group name but when I went to send an email the extra names do not appear. Bloody computers they are designed to dive some of us crazy.

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