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moon555, Feb 25, 10:35am
I need some sound advice,
my requirements are social media, watch movies on youtube.
word processing, emails etc.
Don't want to spend a lot.
I come from chch
What places are good to buy from.
And what brands, etc should I look for.
I don't want to go into store not being informed.
Your help out there would be appreciated.

vtecintegra, Feb 25, 10:40am
Anything will do that but you're going to have to be more specific about requirements.

Do you want a desktop or a laptop? Bigger or smaller? Will it be used mostly about the house or do you want a truly portable system? When it comes to budget how much is 'a lot'?

azza20, Feb 25, 11:17am
Go get one of these from PB tech on Main South Rd Hornby. Extremely cheap $199 and will do everything you need. I have purchased several of them and they work perfectly fine and are running windows 7 pro operating system.

moon555, Feb 25, 11:29am
I like a laptop, as I like to travel with it, but if I'm honest I use it at home mostly, budget under $500. I'm a typist so a key board is paramount for me, esp if I am doing cvs for people

moon555, Feb 25, 11:30am
azza20 wrote:
Go get one of these from PB tech on Main South Rd Hornby. Extremely cheap $199 and will do everything you need. I have purchased several of them and they work perfectly fine and are running windows 7 pro operating system.[/

are these laptop old lease ones
am I just askig for trouble for second hand ones?

moon555, Feb 25, 11:31am
I did have a hp envy 17inch, but they don't do 17 inch any more, and the ones that are are over 2000. I don't need such an expensive model

kwm30, Feb 25, 11:58am
azza20's suggestion is good advice.

lythande1, Feb 25, 11:59am
PBtech are not known for good after sales service.
All depends on what O/S you want, how techy you are (or not).

Not: Chromebook
Not: Linux Mint

moon555, Feb 25, 12:17pm
I'd rather buy new then I'm covered by warranty

vtecintegra, Feb 25, 12:44pm
You don?

muppet_slayer, Feb 25, 12:54pm
$500 new will only buy you low end crap. You won't get any recommendations from the knowledgeable people in here with that budget, unless you go secondhand. You'll get something reasonable for $500 Secondhand.

moon555, Feb 25, 2:10pm
would never buy off here

pcle, Feb 25, 2:25pm
Have you tried an ipad?
Much easier & faster than desktop/laptop.

We have laptops, desktops, phones etc coming out our ears.
The quickest easiest thing is just to grab the ipad.
No waiting to boot, no win10/microsoft pain.

socram, Feb 25, 2:25pm
I have had excellent service from PB. I must admit they were much better at building a PC system to my requirements than fixing one issue later on, but another recurring problem early on, they eventually traced to a new version software fault and I never had any issues from then on, once they installed an older version.

vtecintegra, Feb 25, 3:01pm
You need to double your budget then.

mr-word, Feb 25, 10:03pm
Just be aware if you buy a second hand laptop the battery could be crapped out.

black-heart, Feb 26, 7:47am
just buy an ipad.

king1, Feb 26, 7:56am
comparing an ipad speed to your crappy old laptop (which is exactly what most people do when deciding whether to buy a tablet) is not really a fair comparison.

If you compare an ipad to just about any modern laptop with a solid state drive the laptop will probably boot faster from powered off, and comparably from standby.

My three year old laptop with an SSD boots from off in 10 seconds for example.

mcdaff, Feb 26, 9:49am
The thing is you seldom turn the iPad off or reboot it unless there is a problem, which for me may be twice a year, so it is always ready to go. But I would always go with the most up to date iPad that you could afford, so the cost would be well out of price range for OP.

csador, Feb 26, 9:52am
I would buy an ex lease laptop from pbtech personally if that was my budget. Anything new you'd buy for that price will be rubbish

vtecintegra, Feb 26, 9:58am
Lol, there have been multiple versions of iOS already this year, all of which have required a restart

Also the most up to date iPad is $539

pcle, Feb 26, 12:22pm
We have gizmos galore through the house.
The first thing any of us grab for a quick surf/email is the ipad.

Spreadsheets, word, coding - yes then a laptop/desktop.
But how many average users want to do that?

olack, Feb 27, 11:20am
bet he went to PBTech. I think the ex lease PCs would be fine because they would have some kind of warranty through the lease period. maybe?

rayonline_tm, Feb 27, 5:50pm
I was talking to someone about using photographs and creating a slide show video I think. Person said her laptop was so old she hardly uses it. Was easier for me just to do a quick video for them, hahah. I can imagine though. Many people might just use their phone or tablet these days. Maybe a outdated laptop. PC - what's that .

With family and friends events. Someone has a laptop and they need it cos it has PowerPoint but it's often not used frequently and occasionally when we want to play a video we can't because the software isn't even installed.

moltenfire, Feb 28, 10:39am
There's a contradiction.

Buy a Dell 780 or somesuch on here - less than $200 will fit your needs fully.

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