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cranberry12, Jun 14, 2:15pm
Is there any way of editing a video to crop a persons face out of the whole thing, video goes for a couple of minutes and face is in such a place, on the edge all the way through that if it were a photo could easily crop it out.

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 3:11pm
You'll be able to zoom in and then move the frame to crop out the face. But it will lose quality drastically the more you zoom in.

Any video editor will be able to it.

gyrogearloose, Jun 14, 10:45pm
Or you could crop one edge, and then use padding to restore the dimensions, without losing any quality at all.

suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 1:11am
As in a black border?

Well, sure. You're still decreasing the resolution of the viewable area though.

azza20, Nov 6, 6:06am
Using Adobe Premiere it would be easy to remeove the face either by cropping or overlaying a still image on the side or even just adding some blur to the face but you would need to have some level of video editing skills.

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