Ipad not recognized by PC

lilyfield, Feb 4, 5:25pm
win 10 64 bit
My first ipad- no problem, the second one (mini) will not show under devices or usb hubs or i tunes or any possible clue i found on google.
changed usb ports( not their fault as first ipad works on them all).
driver update check all normal.

has anyone got another idea I could try?
do I Have to change the minis name to the same one as first ipad?
There is no options about giving permission anywhere appearing.
ipad mini is charging when plugged into usb Pc. That tells me the cable is ok(?)

chocolate fish and roses to the helping geek
thank you

king1, Feb 4, 5:44pm
tried a shutdown on both devices?

lilyfield, Feb 4, 8:19pm
Maybe i have it sorted, the cable could be damaged , there seems to be a wee bit of wear on the gold stripes on plug.
Not enough damage to stop charging, but just enough for connecting to Pc.

Have used friends pc also with exactly the same result.
This is a possible explanation ?

black-heart, Feb 5, 12:12pm
my question is why would you want to do this?

vtecintegra, Feb 5, 1:29pm
Yer, no reason to these days.

lilyfield, Feb 5, 2:56pm
Of course there is one. I want tp shift all my photos to pc

nice_lady, Feb 5, 2:57pm
use bluetooth or wifi transfer ?

black-heart, Feb 7, 10:55pm
use icloud? theres a windows program for that too.

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