Printer problem

kiwi_neil, Aug 1, 2:10pm
After widows 10 upgrade I keep losing the connection to my printer, I suspect after pc hibernates. The printer is visible in ?

king1, Aug 1, 2:15pm
try a different usb port on the computer, not one next door to the existing port, but one on the front/back, left or right etc

If its a wireless capable printer another option is to install it as wireless

suicidemonkey, Aug 1, 2:15pm
Have you tried updating the drivers?

Best way is to remove the current drivers, then go to the manufacturers website to get the new ones.

kiwi_neil, Aug 1, 3:06pm
I actually have a shortage of usb ports, so went and bought a 4 port usb hub. Have plugged the printer in there. Working ok at present, but test will be in the morning after pc hibernates overnight.

Not a wireless printer.

kiwi_neil, Aug 1, 3:07pm
Plan b, tomorrow if the problem persists. I do think I have the latest drivers but will see. Thanks

king1, Aug 1, 3:24pm
Try plugging printer into pc directly and relegate something else like a mouse/keyboard to the hub.

you can swap these ports around at will, drivers will automagically load for it the first time you swap a devices usb port, but otherwise shouldn't be a problem.

nice_lady, Aug 1, 3:25pm
A powered hub ?
And you say 'hibernates overnight' are you SURE it's hibernating or 'sleeping' theres a difference/

kiwi_neil, Aug 1, 3:39pm
The 4 port usb2 hub plugs into a usb port and receives power from there. (Endeavour brand). The printer problem started some days ago after Windows upgrade (a major one and I think I saw reference to the april edition). This was well before I introduced the hub to the pc this afternoon.

Sorry, not aware of the difference between hibernating and sleeping.

Overnight, the pc goes into sleep or hibernate. Screens no displaying anything. Move the mouse or click the mouse and PC springs into action.

I find that first time I try and print in the morning, print jobs are queued but printer doesn't "seem" to be connected. Unplug the usb cable and reinsert, and then the printer activates and prints.

nice_lady, Aug 1, 3:45pm
That's not a powered hub. A powered hub has power supplied from an external source you have a 'passive' usb hub and the more things you plug into it the less there is to share around. The computer usb ports don't supply much grunt at all.

Hibernate and sleep are very different.
Hibernate actually turns the computer off
Sleep does not.
What process do you use at night when you stop using the computer ?
What do you click etc ?

Also you might want to go into the device manager and UNtick 'allow the computer to turn this device off to save power on 'power management' tab of the properties for the listing for the usb.

kiwi_neil, Aug 2, 9:09am
This seems to have done the trick! No problems this morning with printing after everything went to sleep or hibernated overnight.

Thanks for your input guys. much appreciated.

kiwi_neil, Oct 1, 10:47pm
The computer is not powering off, so it must be going to "sleep". I don't do anything when I stop using it for the day apart from closing all open apps and internet browsers. Then I walk away. In the morning I hit the keyboard or move the mouse and the computer starts up.


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