Seeking AMD K6 computer

flyboyakl, Mar 25, 10:22pm
Hi all,

I'm seeking a desktop PC (will be from roughly 1997-2000 era) that MUST contain the AMD K6 processor. Does anyone have one or could assemble one for me? Competing chips from that era such as Pentium are not suitable for my purpose, which is very specialised.

black-heart, Mar 25, 10:34pm
I'd suggest some sort of emulator. While CPU's were quite reliable, even then, motherboards were not.

flyboyakl, Mar 25, 10:40pm
Sadly, an emulator is not suitable for my project - I need an actual computer! Thanks for the thought, though.

russell.s.c, Mar 26, 12:00am

flyboyakl, Mar 26, 4:00am
Thanks, Russell. As a last resort I'll acquire bits separately such as this, but I lack the know-how to build a PC myself. Hoping someone out there has an old one in the garage!

vtecintegra, Mar 26, 7:30am
Does it need to be the original gen? I think I have a K6-2 somewhere about that hasn?

mrfxit, Mar 26, 9:20am
Somewhere . In my recent workshop relocation . . . .
I am sure I saw a few of that era . . .
just don't ask me to look for them yet.

flyboyakl, Mar 27, 6:05pm
Vtec - a K2 should be fine if you're willing to sell. Or mrfixit if you find one ! The reason I need it is to find a custom built scanning machine that was specifically built for a certain task. Only a few of these machines exist in the world and they require pure DOS. For some reason that none of the developers were ever able to figure out, the AMD K6 chip scans far faster than any opposing chip - including the AMD successors such as Sempron (or Ampron or some similar such name!)

nice_lady, Mar 27, 6:31pm
Mrfxit WILL have one of these - he's got pretty damn near anything you can imagine hiding in the Tardis. The only trouble, and he probably won't admit it, is that going in to get it is fraught with danger. There's the possibility of being crushed by toppling piles of computers, hard drives, optical drives and many other things. If that doesn't happen you may find your way in but never be able to find your way out again ! People have disapeared never to be seen again - and if you listen closely at night, (if you're crazy enough to approach the danger zone), you may hear terrifying and mysterious sound's emanating from the Tardis. You have been warned !

ronaldo8, Mar 27, 6:34pm
The Time Tunnel crossed with Steptoe and Son.

Hello, I am a Technohoarder and I have now been 30 years organized and orderly. Got a drink?

mr-word, Mar 27, 7:40pm
What about ebay though some of the prices are ridiculous?

mrfxit, Mar 28, 9:45pm
Recently moved it ALL to a bigger Tardis.
Even I have trouble finding gear now.

mrfxit, Mar 28, 9:47pm
Not yet in that situation but casual observers may think it's like that but it's all moving in 1 end & out the other on a steady (tho slow) basis.
Happy to share a drink or 2, top shelf only thanks

marte, Mar 29, 1:33am
I have a bunch of K6 CPU and I expect to have the motherboards they come from.
Put aside as escrap.

I have 3 K5 CPU, my best CPU's, 0.4+ gms of Gold in each one.
Big fat Gold plate Cap + underside + pins, purple ceramic.

nice_lady, Mar 29, 5:54am
Good Effort !

flyboyakl, Apr 3, 12:13am
I'm still on the hunt for a K6, K62, or K6-3 system if anyone can help!

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