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petal1955, Feb 28, 10:41am
I have a DVD stuck into my Hard Drive and wont release is there any other way and free this to eject ? The button that normally ejects this isnt working

cube_guy, Feb 28, 10:42am
There is often a pinhole near the eject button that you can put a pin into to release the mechanism, and hopefully open the drive.

king1, Feb 28, 10:44am
there is usually a pin hole you can stick a paper clip into.

r.g.nixon, Feb 28, 10:45am
P.S. Don't call your computer a 'Hard Drive'.

androth2, Feb 28, 11:39am
If it was an ex rental video DVD then it may still have glue in the centre where the label was.This quite often sticks inside and the player then has to be dismantled

asmawa1, Feb 28, 11:55am
Could also try This PC command , right click on the DVD drive icon and then select Eject. Sometimes works when the button doesn't.

petal1955, Feb 28, 11:59am
Sorry im not a computer buff :-((((((

russell.s.c, Feb 28, 12:48pm
If you still have the problem this may help -

suicidemonkey, Feb 28, 12:57pm
It's pretty basic terminology and it's good to know :) The computer "box" is just called the computer.

The hard drive is actually a small component inside the box that stores your files.

r.g.nixon, Feb 28, 4:24pm
That reminds me. My old dunger no longer has a reg or wof.
Should I go to a dealer and ask for a new engine?
Or do I ask for new wheels?

asmawa1, Feb 28, 6:01pm
Epitomises everything that's WRONG with this message board. Someone asked a question and used the wrong terminology. BOOM - out came the trolls,bullies. rectums or whatever else you want to call yourselves. Not a friendly place to be for someone who just wanted assistance. Pathetic and insulting !

nice_lady, Feb 28, 6:45pm
I disagree. No-one tried to insult anyone or bully anyone or troll anyone. They simply and quite gently pointed out that a computer is not a hard drive. You've used bad words, unpleasant associations and generally lowered the tone of this thread.

muppet_slayer, Feb 28, 6:49pm
If you can't get the terminology right what hope in hell have you got of fixing a technical or hardware fault of the 'thing' that you can't even name right?

russell.s.c, Feb 28, 7:15pm
Effective answers to the problem have been offered in a way that, hopefully, is useful to the OP in spite of their lack of knowledge. There was a time I had a similar lack of knowledge as have all of us at some point.

I hope we will get to hear if OP's problem is resolved.

petal1955, Feb 28, 8:15pm
Thank you well said. I managed to get the disc out by using a letter opener to pull the drawer (if Im allowed to call it that ! ) out and everything is back to normal.Thanks you to the friendly helpful people :-)))))

cube_guy, Feb 28, 8:18pm
Wow this got out of hand quickly. My mum has called her computer a harddrive for as long as I can remember and I've never corrected her, becausr who really cares? She knows it as that, and I know what she's talking about. It's not like the OP was talking some outragrous language and no one could understand enough to help them.

emmerson1, Mar 3, 9:50pm
In keeping with the new 'improved' spirit of this thread, that is 'because' and 'outrageous'. Now the rules say I have to close with "There; fixed it for you."

anniefriday, Mar 3, 10:12pm
I agree with you asmawa1 but it used to be much worse here. It has improved over the years but it's still not that user friendly which is why many users post their computer problems in other forums and use this one as a last resort.

cube_guy, Mar 3, 10:51pm
Well played good sir!

emmerson1, Mar 3, 10:55pm
When the wind is blowing this way, you can bet I read my post several times before I hit 'Post'.

floydbloke, Mar 3, 11:12pm
Hmm, I?

anniefriday, Mar 3, 11:30pm
I'm trying to remember the name of one regular here a few years back who always used to ridicule anyone who wasnt quite sure of the technical terms for their problems. Dick. something? Anyway if his username was Dick something or another it was very appropriate. I stopped posting here regularly back then too because it was bloody embarrassing being associated with this site. Nowadays there are a few good knowledgeable people here like king1 but unfortunately there is still a hangover from the bad old days.

suicidemonkey, Mar 3, 11:32pm
There will always be trolls. There will always be people spouting their opinion.

All we can do is give the best advice we can.

anniefriday, Mar 3, 11:36pm
Yes you do. I include you in the category of people who are knowledgeable and helpful too suicidemonkey/

suicidemonkey, Mar 3, 11:45pm
Hey thanks I appreciate that!

But if we're being honest, I can be a "troll" too. Sometimes it's hard to answer questions that we as "techs" perceive as being "dumb".

There are a good bunch of people here that give great advice (rgnixon, vtecintegra, king1 and nice_lady are a couple of examples off the top of my head, but there are many more).

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