nice_lady, Jan 29, 8:53pm

nice_lady, Jan 29, 8:53pm

you can zoom in anywhere with considerable detail.

suicidemonkey, Jan 29, 9:34pm
Yeah saw that, pretty interesting. I use Strava daily, great app for runners/cyclists.

I do think any blame put on Strava for this one is a bit harsh. They make the privacy features very prominent and easy to use within the app, and activities are easily made private. Private activities aren't part of the heatmap.

There's even a setting in the app to opt-out of the heatmap entirely, even if you have public activities turned on.

Military people should know better.

black-heart, Jan 29, 10:02pm
Interesting lines coming from / going to australia and new caledonia. thats a hell of a swim.

oclaf, Feb 3, 1:20pm
Creepy as hell. I can see exactly the line my neighbour takes for his morning run. This is a fantastic lesson in the importance of data privacy.

masturbidder, Feb 3, 2:49pm
A lot of people wearing these in their cars; many lines over the harbour bridge where no bikes or peds allowed.

king1, Feb 3, 3:13pm
I think this must be including car and boat GPS systems as well

ctnz, Feb 8, 6:01pm
Its a classic case of just hitting "accept" without actually bothering to read terms and conditions or doing a little bit of research on privacy settings. People get paranoid about the government spying on them but completely disregard what they are agreeing to share with corporates every time they click accept on that new website, app or gadget.

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