IPad and windows application

shauna6, Feb 14, 2:48pm
Can you install a windows application onto an ipad. Installer.exe

shauna6, Feb 14, 2:55pm
Is there any workarounds?

suicidemonkey, Feb 14, 2:59pm
nope. Completely different operating system, it's not made to run desktop apps from Mac OSX let alone Windows.

Unless you use remote desktop software on the iPad to remote into a Windows computer

shauna6, Feb 14, 3:01pm
Wanted to install on our POS, the only way to use the software is to set it up on my laptop which is an inconvenience as it is to be installed so people can place their orders for coffee and food and I will get the notifications.

suicidemonkey, Feb 14, 3:06pm
There are a bunch of really good POS apps for iPad, could be worth looking into :)

shauna6, Feb 14, 3:13pm
Usingc PosBoss at the moment but trying to find a coffee/food ordering app so people can preorder, turn up and it is ready to go.

christin, Feb 15, 5:47pm
Can you get something running windows in tablet style. Hp elitepad or something similar?

black-heart, Jan 28, 9:01pm
Theres like a million apps for that kind of thing already. written by amateur coders hoping to hit it big like angry birds.

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