Hahah, rather funny,i thought

bashfulbro, May 6, 1:01pm
After many lengthy discussions with Apple Helpdesk, regarding spam emails, supposedly from Apple , telling me to update my account details, they told me never open them, and gave me an email address to forward the spam emails to. reportphishing@apple.com
I do as they ask, but keep getting a message. 'recipient rejected your email, because of possible spam content?

nice_lady, May 6, 1:03pm
Hahah nice one.
Proves it must be spam I suppose ?

r.g.nixon, May 6, 2:33pm
If you could be bothered, save the email to a separate file (including all header stuff from the raw view), zip it and attach to your new email.

mrfxit, Dec 5, 4:49am
Yea had that with a couple of other telco's/ isp's.
Some let you simply "forward" the emails & some require a specific way to do it.

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