Help Please - nasty e mail

keeny, Jul 20, 8:54am
Could some kind person tell me where to forward a particulary nasty blackmail e mail wanting $3900 in bitcoin. There must be somewhere I can report this to. Have never seen a scam like it before, it is very personal and quotes a very old password. TIA.

mark.p, Jul 20, 8:56am
Print it off and take it to the Police.

farwest, Jul 20, 8:58am

farwest, Jul 20, 8:59am

nice_lady, Jul 20, 9:02am
Even if you did report it what will happen when the scammers are probably located in Nigeria or Russia or.

Just delete it and carry on with life.

king1, Jul 20, 9:16am
agree with nice_lady, these are common.

you can check your email address here to find out which of the many data breaches they may have got your details from

keeny, Jul 20, 9:17am
Thanks all. It was just I hadn't come across it before - was really very horrible, and well written grammatically. Not the usual.

keeny, Jul 20, 9:24am
Thanks farwest - yes that is the e mail. Feel better now I know it is a known one - I had googled it but nothing came up. It was a very old password they quoted so not worried - cheers all.

chito, Jul 20, 9:30am
This is one of my latest demands:

You have been on my radar for a while now. I have infected your computer through a malware virus that I injected in an ad on por n websites.

This gives me full access and control over your computer system. That means that I can see everything on your screen and switch on your camera and microphone without your knowledge.

I have recorded a double screen video that shows how you masturbate on the left half of the screen and on the right half you see the video you were watching. I can forward this video to all your contacts which I have already gathered.

If you want to prevent this, you have to pay me. Send an email to this addresses to receive instructions:

As soon as the payment is received, I will delete the video and you will never hear from me again. You have 3 days to pay. After that you know what happens. I can see it when you have read this email so the clock starts ticking now.

If I find out that you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.


And my reply:

"Dear friend I hope you enjoyed the video as much as my friends will. If you check on again tonight I will make another one for you"

gyrogearloose, Jul 20, 10:25am
It grates on my nerves that the NZ Police are a member of Interpol and their remit is to "promote international cooperation in the prevention, detection and suppression of crime." The NZ Police website states that their scope includes "criminal investigations" and yet, as per a link you posted regarding unwanted phone calls "Graham approached the couple's telecom provider and then the police. Both said they were unable to help because the calls were coming from overseas."

The NZ Police seem to be ignoring their agreement with Interpol to investigate foreign criminals, shame on them.

lythande1, Jul 20, 12:31pm
Just delete it for gods sake. scams are nothing new, even those.

keeny, Jul 20, 1:04pm
Just delete it you reckon Lythande1 - great advice. Thank you. I'm sure god will be pleased too.

nigel4, Jul 20, 5:36pm
Hi keeny,

If you are ever concerned about an issue like this, you can report it to CERT NZ. They are already aware of this particular issue, BUT it never does any harm to report it (and helps them keep an eye on how these things change over time).
I work in security in the private sector and have been researching issues like this for a while. The most recent version (which you've received) is interesting in that they've taken stolen username+password database(s) to instill an extra level of fear in the recipients (to make people think they actually have done what they claim).

Additional steps:
- Have a look at the guides that CERT have Pay particular attention to using a password manager = what I recommend to all friends+family
- If you want to see how they may have got your details, check your email at This site (run by Troy Hunt, an Aussie security researcher) also allows you to be alerted when your email address shows up in new breaches. I recommend all friends+family have their addresses registered with his service (it's a good "early warning").

Hope that helps.

Nigel H.

keeny, Jul 20, 5:41pm
Thanks Nigel14 - yes have already checked the pwned site and it appears to be Linkedin. Yes the old password was a new one on me. Thank you for your help.

gibler, Jul 20, 6:46pm
there have been heaps of them at work this week.

shakirafan, Jul 21, 2:27pm
Sounds exactly like an episode of Black Mirror.

db.price, Jul 23, 3:05am
Ah that would be the sextortion one? They are threatening to reveal your browsing history to everyone - and to prove they are real they have given you a password?

Don't reply. Don't do anything because nothing with happen.

kiwitel, Oct 8, 4:55pm

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