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tibby1947, Jul 25, 7:21am
Hi, in June I had the above problem and received good advice off these boards.
After lots of failures I told Voda that I wanted a replacement modem as the 2 years old one they supplied probably was at fault and I was not getting the service I was paying for.
A new one arrived, latest version, all good, no problems since.
Today received my monthly bill which included $168 for the new modem.
Is this in order or should it be free, as the original one was. Many thanks.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:03am
Ring them and say you are disputing the bill for the modem on the following grounds:

That it fails the 'reasonable length of time' a product may be expected to last under the CGA, (Consumer Guarantees Act), and that therefore you should NOT be billed for a replacement.

Tell them that you are disupting the bill for the replacement.
See what they say.

BTW that's a seriously overpriced modem.
What make/model ?

rpvr, Jul 25, 8:07am
Surely if the contract is $X per month and they provide the modem, then that is what should happen. If a modem fails they should replace it. End of story. After all, if you terminate the contract you have to return the modem, right?

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:08am
Also that modem & consequently the service they provide, (the broadband connection), through the use of that device fail:

Acceptable quality means goods:
Do what they are made to do.
Are acceptable in appearance and finish.
Are free from minor defects.
Are safe and durable.
The act?

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:09am
They're just being cheeky. I"ve seen this tried on plenty of times by various isp's. NEVER let them get away with it.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:14am
Also look here under the 'Your Rights' heading in particular:


king1, Jul 25, 8:41am
certainly try your luck with the cga, but you are paying for a internet service only, I would guarantee you didn't actually pay a charge for the modem.

lythande1, Jul 25, 8:46am
Nope, it's past the contract period and past the warranty.
And you haven't proven the fault was the modem either.
Everyone blames the modem with wifi, but wifi is tricky, position can have a lot to do with it to.

vtecintegra, Jul 25, 8:54am
If it's a cable modem then you pay monthly rent and they'll want it back. If it's an ADSL modem router or just a router then they won't want it returned and was probably provided either 'free' or for a one off charge at the start of the contract.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:54am
Seems odd then if the isp supplied a new one and it's in the same position yet the issue has been fixed. Also a new modem fixing the issue seems logically to prove the problem was definitely with the old modem.
As for being past the warranty - so what ? That's pretty much irrelevant. An electronic device such as a modem should last far longer than a miserable 2 years.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 8:57am
Errr the cost of the modem would of course be paid for by the consumer somehow within the charges they pay. And the 'internet service' they're paying for would have come 'bundled' with a modem as part of the provision of that service. My arguement is that a modem should last a lot longer than 2 years and as it's an integral part of the service provided then it should be replaced without extra cost to the consumer.

king1, Jul 25, 9:10am
pretty sure if you read the contracts the modem is provided to get you started with their service - there is no obligation on isps to continually provide a modem forever. but they will sometimes provide one in return for a longer/new 'contract' - which is a cost of sorts you are paying.

a phone is needed for any kind of phone plan you pay for but there is no obligation for them to provide a phone for you is there?

In this case it simply comes down to as you say, if two years is long enough for a cheap isp supplied modem to last under the CGA, since it will be well outside warranty.

ross1970, Jul 25, 9:14am
$168 for a modem you can buy on here for $20 or so, and often far less.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 9:19am
You buy an internet connection plan, some come with a supplied modem - in that event I think it's kinda over the top to expect a customer to have to pay $168 for a replacement modem after only 2 yrs.

I wouldn't call $168 a cheap modem.

Edit: I'd say that if an isp was going to supply a modem to replace an apparently faulty one AND charge the customer for that then the customer should definitely have been advised prior to that supply of hardware of the cost so they could then make a choice of their own with regard to what they wanted to purchase.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 9:21am
Watch this space, hopefully tibby1947 will come back with further to the story ~!

black-heart, Jul 25, 9:22am
It should not have been sent out without you knowing they were going to charge.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 9:24am
Perzactly - as per my Edit above.

trad, Jul 25, 9:27am
Its just a try on. Research what there new plans are (I did a quick look and they offer 'free' modem now) and also other ISPs plans and ring Voda to discuss alternatives. The min you may get offered is free modem and 12 month contract.

king1, Jul 25, 9:32am
totally agree

supernova2, Jul 25, 10:45am
Ah but even if it was provided free they have still supplied an item which is subject to the CGA. I dont believe that they should then charge to supply a replacement should the so called free item fail. Tricky but would be interesting to see what the DT would do with such an argument.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 10:49am
Yeah I agree and of course NOTHING is free so the customer has paid for the item one way or the other. Thus a 'Good' has been purchased as part of the purchase of a service package, (the internet connection). That 'Good' has failed too soon and the customer should not be asked to pay for it's replacement. And under NO circumstances should they be asked to pay when it was not made clear that there would be a charge, and how much that would be, and the customer had agreed to replacement under that condition.

king1, Jul 25, 10:54am
yeah even though it is free there is some cost paid for it, I believe 'consideration' in legalese, but its really no different situation than if you bought a cheapie from HN and it failed after two years, tried to return, 'CGA', get me the manager. etc etc.
Except in this case you are dealing with the faceless corporate behemoth which is debatable whether they care too much about there reputation.

There is the side issue of should they replace it as a part of the continuing service they provide and you pay for, but I don't think that holds water.

nice_lady, Jul 25, 11:01am
I think your 'side issue' isn't actually a side issue as the device was originally supplied, (NOT free but paid for either up front or in the course of the provision of service over time), as an INTEGRAL part of the service package. The service they provide depends on the existence of a modem.

tibby1947, Jul 25, 11:32am
OP here. Thanks for all advice. Modem is Vodafone Ultra Hub H500-T
Cost $148.99, post $14.95, Telco levy 0.99 = $164.93.
I am on a package costing $106.00 a month.
Do Vodafone have an email address or post address?
I am not too good on the phone, especially if accents are foreign to me.
I prefer to relate this query in writing so I can tell the facts and not get baffled over the phone.

I did tell the person on my final complaint that I was not satisfied as I was missing landline calls from friends as well as the internet. I was not getting the service I was paying for and requested a replacement modem. I was informed it would be with courier same day.

I assumed with the brief history of faults it would be a free exchange. However I was told not to send faulty one back.
If I have to pay I will but not too happy due to problem. Many thanks.

mark.p, Jul 25, 11:44am

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