Led. Samsung tv. 4k

toysky, Mar 3, 4:44pm
Would a new tv of this yr 2018. Be better than the same of. 2015.


nice_lady, Mar 3, 4:47pm
Without knowing the exact models it's impossible to say definitively, but in general newer technology will be better.

azza20, Mar 3, 4:50pm
Highly likely to be better. Things to look for are whether it has HDR trchnology

suicidemonkey, Mar 3, 5:41pm
Not necessarily. One could be IPS, one could be a lower end TN panel, for example.

Impossible to say.

2nd2none, Jan 16, 11:04pm
Depends on the model and series. For example the Samsung KS8000 from 2016 blows any 2017 Samsung away bar the QLED series.

TVs are a bit like smartphones each manufacturer has low end, mid range and high end so it all depends on what you're comparing.

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