Charger for Apple Mac Book pro ?

kevlight, May 5, 6:45pm
Have acquired a Apple Mac Book Pro 15 inch 60 watt.
serial W87351ETyal running OSX Lion 107.5
battery is down to 30%
no charger ,so im interested in getting one
can some some one tell me what port the charger goes in ?
can i charge it with a USB charger ?
are the chargers readily available ,thanks

suicidemonkey, May 5, 7:20pm
The charge port is generally on the left hand side near the screen. And no you can't charge via USB.

Looks like an 07/08 Macbook. Generally the 15" models require the 85w adapter.

The chargers aren't cheap unfortunately, usually $130. These guys have them for a bit cheaper. Or check TM for 2nd hand.

kevlight, May 6, 5:21pm
thanks the ,knock off gets my vote ! especially as I am not familiar with Apple or its operating system ,
just for my info, can i run windows on this machine ? if it powers up okay ,when the charger turns up .?
this is a Apple Mac Book Pro 15 inch 60 watt
86.44 gb free 119.17 gb total.
serial W87351ETyal running OSX Lion 107.5
Pro 3.1 2.2 ghtz dual core 2 duo .2gb sd ram

the play around with i have managed ,before the battery dipped low ,left me wondering if i can get to grips with the OSx Lion .if i find it too trying or difficult ? can i load windows on this machine ? machine will just to used at work for emails photo storage and recording in and outward goods .thanks ,the work Lap top is "on its way " two weeks now and counting !

suicidemonkey, May 6, 6:12pm
OS X is pretty easy to use.

But yes you can load Windows if you have a spare license/CD key.

sw20, Dec 5, 9:16pm
OSX is far more polished than Windows IMO.

If you use programs that must use Windows you can install Windows using Bootcamp Assistant and then choose OSX or Windows on startup.

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