Laptop repair issue

linzis, Feb 5, 8:20pm
If you put a laptop in for repair, and they give you a quote to repair and you tell them to go ahead, and a day after you get it back, it wont boot up and comes up with disk errors, could they then say they have found another new problem and charge you more?

The original issue was the lap top shutting down randomly, and unable to connect to wifi or via ethernet.
They replaced the battery and reinstalled Windows 8. Worked for one day.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 8:22pm
replaced the battery ?
Was it shutting down only on battery or while plugged in also ?

Unable to connect to wifi/ethernet could be software or hardware.

linzis, Feb 5, 8:26pm
While plugged in also. It wasnt holding charge. Would shut down whether at 20% charge or 80%

king1, Feb 5, 8:31pm
it would be a dumb tech that reinstalled windows without checking the hard drive I would have thought. Having said that, if its been dropped or knocked.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 8:43pm
Nothing to do with the battery per se then . yeah it probably needed replacing but certainly was not the cause of the shutdowns. Think I'd be a bit wary of that tech outfit. Did they wear stetsons ?

d.snell, Feb 5, 9:21pm
But if the OP pulled the Power Supply, it would shut down. No battery power is a constant cause of shutdowns, usually accidental, but an intermittent PSU connection or bumping the power plug can also be a cause.
Also, I would like the OP to give a full detail of the invoice as what they are saying is very vague and often more detail is required before an opinion can be given.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 9:27pm
Yeah detail of invoice good idea

spyware, Feb 5, 9:34pm
Bin it and buy a new one. Not worth spending time on.

linzis, Feb 6, 8:07am
They are a major tech co, but I wont name them.
When phoned, they said new battery ( which I expected) plus it needed the operating system reinstalled. Invoice said the same.
So far have paid $200.
It was my sons 4yo HP Envy, which he factory reset. We used it for 6 mnths before this issue.
If it was going to cost much more than $200, we would have not gone ahead with repairs.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 8:19am
News flash: factory reset is the same thing as reinstall. In fact that is exactly what it is.

d.snell, Feb 6, 12:33pm
Tell us the whole story from the beginning, don't drip feeding it bit by bit.
What are they now telling you is the "new" problem.
When did your son "Factory Reset it"
What version of Windows has it got on it now. 8 or 10?
What do you mean "we used it for 6 months before this issue?
What happen for the other 3½ years of it's life? You didn't use it?

I have no idea of the timeline of the laptop, and I suspect neither does anyone else.

black-heart, Feb 6, 12:37pm
it amuses me you paid $200 for something your son could do, and a $60 battery.

lythande1, Feb 6, 1:13pm
Why? Lets see. Geeks on Wheels.
Why the hell it would need an O/S reinstall beats me. In all the years I was a tech I may have done that about 3 times in total. It's a sign of haven't got a clue.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 1:21pm
Especially the OP paying for that when the son had already done a 'factory reset' which IS an Operating system reinstall anyway. Ouch.

linzis, Feb 6, 1:25pm
4yo HP Envy laptop. Windows 8.
He used it for about 3.5 yrs before buying another.
He removed all his data and factory reset it.
We used it fine, but nothing more really for email & internet. No other programmes installed.
After about 5 mnths, when the battery was charged, it seemed to go through battery quicker, and then randomly would shut down at anywhere between 20-80% charge. Even if connected to charger.
After a while, it would no longer boot up, or would boot up but would not connect via WiFi or Ethernet.
Restore point would not work either. it did give an error message but cannot remember exactly what now, but did say something to do with recovery disks.
Tech co. said new battery & reinstallation of system, which we paid $200 for.
Worked for one day, did nothing more apart from
personalising settngs and loading browser favourites.
Next day went to use laptop, and immediately came up with HP detected disk errors, and doing an automatic repair which could take up to an hour.
Nothing after even 2 hrs, just hanging on the HP boot screen.
So I have taken it back to repairer. They have a 3 mnth warranty on repairs
but the guy said unless they detect something else. Certainly not paying anything more.
No not Geeks on Wheels.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 2:18pm
You wasted your money getting them to resinstall the operating system. Son did a factory reset - that's the exact same thing. They probably ran the same process.

Booting up saying disk error.
Possibly a failing hard drive.
Easy enough to check.
Easy enough to replace.

Quite cheap to replace with a bit of advice from here you could most likely do it yourself. Hard drive cost ? 128GB SSD Maybe $100. and an SSD would make that machine run better than it ever did.

d.snell, Feb 6, 2:48pm
But if the Laptop had been factory reset, then it would have been restored to win8, which is a real dog of a system, so maybe the laptop in 3 years had self upgraded to 10 and that's what "reinstalling operating system" meant.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 2:52pm
Hmm possible. The way I read it the son factory restored it only about six months ago ?

Being a laptop anyway I'd be unsuprised if it had a bad HDD as they do get a bit bumped around sometimes. I wonder what prompted the tech outfit to think the reinstall would cure 'sudden shutdowns' ?. Be interesting to know the diagnostics they did.

d.snell, Feb 6, 3:04pm
OK, linzis, my educated prognosis:
Motherboard stuffed (usually GPU chip delaminating) and probably caused by overheating. Blocked fans and /or heatsink compound drying out. A common issue with Laptops especially HP / Compaqs, but effects other brands as well.

Typical symptoms:
1. undetectable WiFi Card
2. erratic shutting down
3. HDD controller errors
and other unexplained issues, including running very slow in normal mode (ok in safe mode because it's running lower level graphic resolution).

d.snell, Feb 6, 3:16pm
So, my solution:
Buy an External 2.5" Sata Caddy on Trademe. About $10 and remove HDD from the Laptop and install in Caddy.
Return Battery to Computer Shop for Refund of the battery costs and ask for old battery back.
Buy a replacement second hand laptop off a reputable TM Seller for a couple of hundred bucks (plenty available)
Put old Laptop on TradeMe without HDD and explain it's faults for a $1 reserve.
As far as the rest of the $200 bill is concerned, the tech DID do some work and should be compensated, at least, for part of that, so I think you need to write it off as experience, but they might accomodate you in assisting you to complete the process or even buy the old laptop off you for the Screen and Ram.

Good Luck and remember you catch far more flies with Honey that you will with Vinegar.

linzis, Feb 6, 4:05pm
Thanks all & d snell.
All this is second nature to you :)
I know more than some , but less than most. but now have a bit more to go on.
Will see what they come back with. if the fault is more than what they established, I dont see why we should be totally out of pocket thinking it was fixed or at least pay there $80 inspection fee?

d.snell, Feb 6, 2:12am
That's fair and if you get a refund on the battery, you should be nearly there, unless they supplied a nasty cheap compatible brand battery which, in my opinion, are usually overrated junk.

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