New iphone 6s

sarah1955, May 8, 12:36pm

macman26, May 8, 12:51pm
Back every thing up in iTunes then restore it to the new phone.
You may need to make sure that your phone and iTunes are up to date.

spyware, May 8, 6:26pm
Hardly call that easy. Use iCloud.

sarah1955, May 8, 6:51pm
Ok, will that transfer e mails and messages as well?

sred69, May 8, 7:53pm
If done via itunes you get a complete copy, if via icloud you get a cut down copy and may need to re download some apps and personal data

sarah1955, May 8, 8:02pm
Great, thanks

sarah1955, May 9, 2:22pm
All done, thanks so much

andrew.t, May 10, 4:17pm
Nope, don't even need itunes.
When you reset your 6s it should ask if you are upgrading your phone and do you have the other one, say yes, and you simply sit the 2 phones next to each other and they do it via blue tooth (which must be turned on both). I just did this last week.

andrew.t, Dec 2, 6:02am
try doing a full reset and read the options that come up very carefully

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