Cheap new or good used laptop ?

peanuteater, Feb 18, 9:20am
Needing to replace my laptop, mostly used for browsing the net,nothing else to intensive, not gaming etc.
Looking at cheap new laptops seem to start for 5-600 for what im after, prefer at least 250 gig hdd, min 4 gig ram and prefer at least i3 processor, am thinking at that price cheap and nasty components etc ?
OR would i possibly be better off getting x lease laptop similer to this "HP Elitebook 850 G1 15" FHD i5 8GB 256GB SSD"- has 6 month warranty through retailer. way better specs altho life span likely to be less as already circa 3 years old ? .
would like to idealy get a couple off years out off eitha.
Any input appreciated.

nice_lady, Feb 18, 9:30am
check out

you can set the filters to sort a search for you.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 10:10am
That EliteBook is three or four years old but is an very high quality system. I'd take it over anything new in the <$1000 bracket.

Note it's likely to have a bunch of cosmetic scratches - the material used on the lid is durable but does show wear fairly easily

I don't know why that had an angry face icon, fat fingers I guess

king1, Feb 18, 10:13am
i'd take a three year old elitebook over the $500 rubbish any day.

supernova2, Feb 18, 10:40am
My 2nd hand laptop came from PCTraders (on TM). It's never missed a beat.

peanuteater, Feb 18, 2:21pm
Thankyou for the input, think ill go for the elitebook and hope i can get a couple of years troublefree running.

suicidemonkey, Feb 18, 2:24pm
I'd also recommend the Elitebook. The lower end models have sub-par displays but everything else about them is excellent.

They often pop up on Trademe - worth checking out because many of them will still be in the 3 year HP warranty period. I picked up my 840 G2 for $300 with an SSD.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 3:51pm
That's really good value. I think my work 820 G2 cost about $1700 new a bit over three years ago.

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