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keen32, Mar 20, 8:04pm
Hey guys videos on facebook will not show I have sound but no video any ideas please Cheers

nice_lady, Mar 20, 8:26pm
Try more than one browser if you haven't already.

keen32, Mar 20, 8:41pm
Hi yes did that

keen32, Mar 20, 8:42pm
also checked for updates for my drivers

nice_lady, Mar 20, 8:46pm
drivers are irrelevant.
So what browsers have you tried. And has this been happening all along or is it only a recent situation ? Have you tried updating flash player ? Do you have a flash blocker maybe ? Do videos play on other sites ?

keen32, Mar 20, 8:49pm
good point on the flash blocker Ill just check now have tried 2 other browsers Chrome/firfox

nice_lady, Mar 20, 8:57pm
so disable or remove all extensions from your browser or install another one say Opera for instance . process of elimination.

keen32, Mar 20, 9:04pm
Ok sorted it now flashplayer for some reason wasnt allowed on Facebook thanks for your time nice_Lady

nice_lady, Jan 6, 7:04pm

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